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The City who never will sleep ... Pattaya. Pattaya City is located in the District Chonburi (Chon Buri) at the East Coast of Thailand around 1 h 30m (80 km) far away of Bangkok.

There are some Infos about this City everyone should to know:

Pattaya is much more then only the Walking Street near the Beach Road of Pattaya City. There are much more Areas and Locations they very attractive to visit about the Night Life. will show you all the Places, we don't select who is in a listing here and we don't proof the listing. is focused in adult entertainment listings and you should to know, age of adult in Thailand is 20 Year! We don't advertise in prostitution! We only show business listings and provide the GPS Data to lead you straight forward to the best Adult Entertainments in Thailand.

Pattaya Walking Street

Pattaya Walking Street

About Pattaya the peoples share a lot of Stories and the most of them are totally wrong! Pattaya is a nice City, at Day time busy with a lot of Attraction for Family's and in the Night a Paradise for Single and Party Lovers. Everything in Pattaya is possible, yes everything ... but everything has a price! So will share you some basics. With this Basics you will stay safe in the Nightlife and enjoy the Party and Fun with your Friends, your new Girlfriend or what ever.

Scouts at Walking Street... Scouts are located mainly at the Walking Street, they show you a small Menu with some Acts for Ping Pong Ball Shows or some specials Shows like Smoke Show etc. We're highly recommend, don't follow this Scouts! The Shows are much overpriced.

Scouts at the Beach Road ... This scouts you can hear whispering to buy some Drugs! Please be cleaver and just ignore them! As a Tourist or Visitor of Thailand you need to know: Drugs are illegal in Thailand and the punishments are very extremely. So please just ignore them and move forward.

A GoGO's ... in Pattaya it's easy to find a A GoGo. The Walking Street is the Main Area. Welcome located at the Beach. Just follow the Beach Road and you will find it easy. A other Place is the Soi Bukhaw ... there are a few A GoGo's in the Center of it.

Walking Street ... is the Main Area of the Night life. There are A GoGo's, Beer Bar's, Disco Clubs, Lounges, Massage Shops, Restaurants and much more. Weekend and specially in the High Season there are a lot of traffic by walking Peoples. The Walking Street is closed for cars and you can check out one A GoGo after the next. The Walking Street is high frequent visiting by all kinds of Tourists like Groups and many ethnics.

Soi Buhkaw ... is a more then 1.7km long Road from the South to the North of Pattaya City. Easy to reach by a Baht Taxi, Motorbike or a small walk in the evening/night time. At the Soi Buhkaw you will find all like A GoGo's, Massage Shops,Gentlemen Clubs, Beer Bar's, Restaurants, 7-Eleven, Pharmacy's, Hotels, Short time Rooms and much more. The main traffic here is by Farangs. The Atmosphere at Soi Bukhaw is easy going and very calm but they know how to make a Party into the late morning.

Baht Taxi ... you can see everywhere in Pattaya the blue Pickup Trucks. They always drive a around in a Circle. The Price is 10THB per Person per Round. So if you want go anywhere in Pattaya, enter a Baht Taxi, drive to a Main Road like "2nd Rd" or "Beach Rd" and change to an other Baht Taxi to reach your target. Easy to go anywhere in Thailand by using 20-30THB per Person. Stop a Baht Taxi just show them a Hand Sign you want enter, leave the Taxi by using the Buzzer and pay for the trip.


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