a Go-Go ... goes and no-goes

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Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, Bangkok, Koh Chang or a small Town in Thailand have some a Go-Go Clubs. The most of this adult Entertainment business in Thailand a mostly showing Girls dancing for some drinks. The "Ladydrinks" makes the main Money for the a GoGo business. The Thais mostly very friendly and kind, easy to get in contact with a simple smile or a drink.

The first of all is ... there is a Golden Rule, don't take a Picture or a Video inside a A GoGO. The Staff can get easy angry about a Video or a Picture. Remember ... many Girls working there because they need to take care the Family and don't find a Job in Thailand. So the Family don't know what they are doing in the most cases. Sure ... everyone knows what's happen in Pattaya but they don't talk about it. This is the Thai Way to keep the Face.

Underage ... never forget the age of adult in Thailand is 20 Years. So some Girls are younger ... by law they can't working in a Business with selling alcohol in underage but some don't care of it. so if you leave a Go-Go with a underages Girl you easy to get in trouble. That's normally nothing you can't solve by Money but you really want spend a few hours in a Police Station and maybe get a notice in file? Think a minute and take your time. Enjoy the Nightlife and stay save.

Many a GoGo's pays a basic salary to the Girls by a fixed numbers of drinks (Lady drinks). Some girls easy to order hurry a drinking fast. this maybe makes the fun comes to you faster but after you seeing a girl vomiting in your bathroom can kill your night.

The Main Business of a Go-Go Club is selling drinks for sure. If a Girl leave the Club and follow you the GoGo want a fee called Bar-fine (bar-fine, barfin ... the spelling is in Thailand very different). The Barfine compares the time who the girl can't make drinks with Customers and you need to pay it to the Club. The Girl don't get money of this.

How much i it? How many money i need to spend? What are the averaged prices in Thailand at a A GoGO? You can follow our experience here this Blog and visit: How much it is?

Be polite, smile and the Thai Peoples will welcome you every where. Please don't think you can buy all with money. Yes, Thailand is easy about all if you have money but they are a lot of scammers too. Never forget, Pattaya is a Nightlife City focused on Tourists. So sure the rule is ... No Money no Honey!


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