10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Hawaii

The Aloha State is the only U.S. state entirely made up of volcanic islands, having the largest island chain in the entire world. Tourists never run out of things to do in Hawaii. There are countless snorkeling and diving spots, lots of beaches, excellent possibilities for hiking and stargazing locations, historical war sites like Pearl Harbor, and Jurassic Park tours. Tourists can spend a few days in paradise by booking a beachfront hotel at the famous Honolulu or Waikiki Beach. Here are 10 interesting and unique things visitors did not know they could do, see, and experience in Hawaii.

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10/10 Climb Diamond Head

Diamond Head, a crater in the shape of a saucer that was caused by a massive volcanic explosion about 300,000 years ago, today rises 232 meters (761.15 feet) above Honolulu and welcomes hundreds of travelers seeking adventure every year. The crater is worth the climb because of the breathtaking panorama that awaits hikers at the summit. Since Oahu temperatures are already high by 10:00 AM, it is advised to begin the walk up the Koolau Volcano early in the day. Additionally, there are numerous guided tours available to Diamond Head Crater. Hikers can also opt for a self-guided tour.

  • Prices:
    Starting at $41 depending on the chosen tour

9/10 Welcome On Board Of The Hawaiian Railway

The Hawaiian Railway is one of the most distinctive things to do in Oahu, yet it rarely appears on travelers’ wish lists. Nevertheless, a trip in the vintage engine down the scenic beachfront route is always a fantastic outing. An antique train travels from Ewa to Nanakuli, passing through a “ghost town,” sugar plantations, and an ice cream stop. There is a picnic spot where passengers may have a quick lunch before getting on the train. They can also explore the historical exhibits at the station before or after the trip to see restored locomotives.

  • Departing times:
    Wednesday at 1:00 PM, Saturday at noon and 3:00 PM, and Sunday at 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM.

  • Prices:
    Starting at $18 per adult, $13 per child (between 2 and 12 years old).

8/10 Hike The Wonderful Mauna Kea

The tallest volcano on Earth is treasured by the Native Hawaiians and is the location of twelve top-notch observatories. Mauna Kea is even higher than Mount Everest if it is measured from the top of Mauna Kea to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The summit of Mauna Kea is an impressive sight, with alpine tundra, lava rock, and traces of the enormous ice cap that dominated the region just 14,000 years ago. Since the top is so high, dizziness and shortness of breath can be experienced by few visitors. However, they are a tiny price to pay for some of the best observing conditions on Earth for devoted astronomers.

7/10 Get Spooked While On The Ghost Tours In Oahu

Ghost Tours are exactly what horror enthusiasts are searching for to do in Hawaii and are considered something incredibly unique that probably no one else has done. There are numerous superstitions and folklore in Hawaii. Oahu Ghost Tours offers a one-of-a-kind experience, taking guests to Oahu’s most haunted locations. Tourists will learn a lot about Oahu’s history in addition to visiting some of the island’s most eerie locations, holiest places, and historic graveyards.

6/10 Explore The Lava Tree State Monument

Lava Tree State Monument is nestled on the Big Island. There, time seems to have stopped. Explorers will find, instead of trees, a forest made of lava that resembles tree trunks. It is an extremely special and different phenomenon. The Lava Tree State Monument has picnic tables. Tourists only need to pack a picnic bag and soak in this distinctive aspect of Hawaiian history.

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5/10 Visit The USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park

Travelers may visit a World War II submarine, which is close to the major Pearl Harbor sights. The USS Bowfin, a former US Navy Balao-class submarine, is anchored at the docks and has been turned into a museum. Visitors must board to get entry to the submarine. This navy vessel museum offers a wealth of information through two dedicated galleries: The World War II Gallery and the Cold War Gallery.

  • Entrance fee:
    $21.99 per adult and $12.99 per child

4/10 Seek The Most Wonderful Adventures At Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch is the ideal combination of adventure and pop culture, and it is, without a doubt, one of the best things to do in Oahu. There, film fans have the opportunity to visit the location of many popular movie sets. Kualoa Ranch is a 1,600-hectare (16 km²) adventure haven. After touring the famous movie locations on an ATV, tourists can enjoy two hours of horseback riding through the lush, hilly landscapes or explore the area by e-bike. A zipline tour is also available at the ranch.

  • Additional activities:
    Boat rides, canoeing, swimming, etc.

  • Entrance fee:
    $56 per adult and $39 per child (between 3 and 12 years old) for Hollywood Movie Sites Tour. $147 per adult and $73 per child for Jurassic Adventure Tour

3/10 Dare To Dive With Sharks

Oahu, which has some of the most diverse shark populations in the world, is the best site to go shark diving. This experience is a one-way ticket to exciting, heart-pounding excitement and is only recommended for the most courageous of the brave. Divers will take a boat to the North Shore and cruise out into the water with the snorkeling gear nearby. They will be completely astounded by the size of these Galapagos and sandbar sharks and how these magnificent creatures swim and hunt up close all while standing underwater, safe behind the heavy iron bars of a submerged cage. While some people get shivers at the notion of being around sharks, sea lovers might be interested to discover that Oahu also offers cageless shark diving excursions.

  • Prices:
    In cages starting at US$75 and cageless at US$150

2/10 Skydive In The Most Stunning Dropzone On Earth

During an amazing skydiving journey, nothing quite gets the heart racing and the blood pumping like freefalling from nearly 11,811 feet (3,600 meters) above the ground at breakneck speeds of 118 mph (190 km/h)! Moreover, Oahu, with its pristine beaches, azure ocean, and lush green forest, is an ideal setting. Depending on the heights adrenaline junkies can handle, there are three different sorts of freefalling exits, with the highest one at 20,000 feet (6,096 meters).

1/10 Take Part In An Oahu Submarine Scooter Adventure

Tourists can explore Oahu’s underwater wonderland on a personal, self-propelled, electric underwater scooter. On this 2-hour tour, divers ride a motor catamaran past Diamond Head Crater via Maunalua Bay before diving below the water on a scooter to witness schools of tropical fish, green sea turtles, and other interesting local marine life. Even people who cannot swim can easily travel underwater due to the self-propelled scooter. This guided tour requires no prior knowledge, and there is a brief tutorial before boarding.

  • Prices:
    Starting at $170.60