23 Best Beaches In Greece to Visit in 2023

Beautiful beaches in Greece are never hard to find, whether on one of the Greek islands or mainland Greece. Greece is known for its stunning coastline, and there’s no better place for beach lovers wanting their next sandy, sunny fix. The Greek beaches are some of the best beaches in the world.

The Best Beaches on Greek Islands and the Mainland

Top Beaches in Greece

Do you want a white sand beach with a beach bar near a city? Or something quieter, perhaps, like a protected nature reserve or private beach? This guide will cover the very best beaches in Greece. Without further ado, these are the top contenders.

1. Shipwreck Beach, Zante

Best Beaches in Greece Shipwreck Beach aka Navagio Beach

Shipwreck Beach is that beach in Greece. The beautiful beach is one of the most famous beaches in Greece (if not the world) and has a vast rusted shipwreck on its sands. It is surrounded by towering white cliffs, which reflect light into the ocean around it, causing ultra-blue water.

Of course, ‘Shipwreck Beach’ is only this beach’s nickname. The official name is Navagio Beach, and this scenic spot is located on the Greek island of Zante. The island is hugely popular and primarily known for its party scene. However, there are many more reasons to visit Zante if interested.

Shipwreck Beach is only accessible by water – usually by water taxi. All-in-all, it has the power of absolute novelty, and tourists love it. If you are looking for a bucket list beach in Greece, Shipwreck Beach is the one. You can also book this highly-rated tour

Where to stay nearby

  • Luxury: Eden Villas is luxury defined, with a vast outdoor pool with mountain views. Guests choose from many spacious units and can splash out on delivered groceries if they’d like.
  • Mid-Range: Cavio Orient Beach Hotel & Suites is a stunning mid-range property with an outdoor pool and terrace with ocean views. There are onsite restaurants, a garden, and even a daily buffet breakfast.
  • Budget: – Letsos Hotel is an excellent budget option near Shipwreck Beach. The studio option comes with a kitchenette which saves you from eating out. Plus, you get free wifi and access to a games room.

2. Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia Island

Best Beaches in Greece Myrtos Beach Kefalonia

Myrtos Beach is nothing short of mesmerizing. The beach is a 1.5-mile-long arc of white pebbled sand, stretching out at the base of rugged clifftops. It is beloved for its white pebbles and ultra-blue waters. The beach has just one small beach bar, although a few restaurants are nearby, dotted along the clifftops.

Myrtos Beach is on Kefalonia island in the Ionian Sea. The beach sits on the island’s northwest coast and is accessible via a long road with a few scenic switchbacks. You can also enjoy Myrtos Beach from a viewpoint set high up on the clifftops – where you’ll find spectacular sunsets.

Where to stay nearby

  • Luxury: Myrtos Bay Apartments are a step up again for any luxury lovers. Guests enjoy a private terrace with sea views, plus access to a communal pool and garden.
  • Mid-Range: Aenos Hotel is set right in the middle of Argostoli square. It has an upbeat and modern feel, and most rooms come with port or square views from a private balcony.
  • Budget: Romanza Studios are budget-friendly and beautiful – what more could you want? Each unit is air-conditioned, and if you’d like, you can splash out on a balcony unit.

3. Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Best Beaches in Greece Paradise Beach Mykonos

Paradise Beach is where the action is. The long stretch of soft white sand opens into shallow waters. Volleyball nets and beach parties regularly spring up across the sands. There are plenty of beachfront restaurants, clubs, and bars as well. This beach is an extrovert’s heaven. We love the outgoing atmosphere, and this quality earned Paradise Beach a spot in our guide.

Paradise Beach is a private beach in a resort on the south coast of Mykonos. It is an ultimate party destination, so anyone looking to let their hair down should consider picking this Greek beach. While situated in the more rural coastal towns of Mykonos, the beach is easily accessed from Mykonos Town by taxi or shuttle.

Where to stay nearby

  • Mid-Range: New Paradise Beach Resort Keep it classic with the New Paradise Beach Resort. This property has whitewashed Cycladic-style apartments and a stunning infinity pool with ocean views.
  • Budget: Paradise Beach Camping Are you ready to rough it a little? Paradise Beach Camping is the way forward. The campsite has a 24-hour reception, and you’ll get access to all the resort facilities – including water sports like jet skis.

4. Sarakiniko Beach, Milos

Best Beaches in Greece Sarakiniko Beach Milos

Sarakiniko Beach looks more like Mars than Greece. The distinctive-looking beach is hailed by many as a moonscape and consists of light-grey volcanic rock smoothed and shaped by north winds. There is only a small beach if you want a traditional ‘sandy beach experience’. Most people sit on the rock and enjoy the lunar-like setting.

Sarakiniko Beach sits on the north shore of Milos Island. It is easily accessed by car or scooter. You can walk it, but walking is quite a bold move in the hot summer months. We recommend hiring a car or scooter instead.

Where to stay nearby

  • Luxury: Artemis Seaside Resort Artemis Seaside Resort is located right on the coast. It has stunning facilities – including a pool bar, infinity pool, and spacious covered terrace.
  • Mid-Range: Psaravolada Hotel Milos is an ideal mid-range option. Each room offers a private patio or terrace, and guests can access onsite dining facilities.
  • Budget: Sarakiniko Rooms are great value for money, and you even bag a free shuttle service with each booking. Plus, each room has sea or mountain views.

5. Balos Beach, Crete

Best Beaches in Greece Balos Beach Crete

Balos Beach is one of the best beaches in Greece if you want that fine white sand aesthetic. In certain lights as well, Balos Beach has a hint of pink sand. However, Balos Beach caught our eye for its clean waters and beautiful offshore reefs. The reefs create an eye-catching pattern of different blues in the water – a dreamy setting for a refreshing swim in the sea.

Balos Beach is on the northwest coast of Crete, one of Greece’s most popular islands. You can reach it by car or catch a bus to Kissamos Port and a quick ferry ride.

Where to stay nearby

  • Luxury: Balos Beach has Hollywood-style beauty. The most impressive feature is its massive outdoor pool, which is surrounded by palm trees and has expansive ocean views.
  • Mid-Range: Nautilus Bay Hotel Contemporary and spacious, Nautilus Bay Hotel has some fantastic mid-range apartments. Each apartment has views of the mountains and ocean.
  • Budget: Aphrodite Beach Hotel has an excellent budget-friendly studio option. Guests can also enjoy a daily buffet breakfast and free wifi.

6. Koukounaries Beach, Skiathos

Best Beaches in Greece Koukounaries Beach Skiathos

Koukounaries Beach is stunning – seriously stunning. The sandy beach is backed by miles of pine trees and has a serene natural beauty. The shallow waters and calm surroundings make Koukounaries a family-friendly beach. It is a perfect spot for younger children to test their swimming skills next to their parents. Of course, visitors of any age will be bowled over by the beach’s beauty.

Koukounaries Beach is on the southwestern coast of Skiathos. Skiathos is one of Greece’s Sporades islands in the Northern Aegean Sea. Koukounaries Beach is easily accessed by bus from Skiathos Town or by car. Koukounaries is also a Blue Flag beach, awarded a formal certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education.

Where to stay nearby

  • Luxury: ELIVI Skiathos has multiple outdoor swimming pools and a gorgeous range of ultra-luxurious accommodation options. Guests also access a gym, tennis courts, and an onsite spa.
  • Mid-Range: Aselinos Suites is a family-run hotel offering two-story apartment blocks and a communal pool. Comfortable and conveniently located to access Skiathos Town and the beach.
  • Budget: Pine Tree House – This little hotel is the budget holidayers’ dream. Pine Tree House has a mixture of apartments for reasonable rates, each featuring a private terrace.

7. Mylopotas Beach, Ios

Best Beaches in Greece  Mylopotas Beach Ios

Mylopotas Beach (aka Paralia Milopotas) is a long beach with fine golden sand. It’s the largest beach in Ios and is hugely popular among tourists and locals. It is far from just a place to congregate, though, as the beach is stunning. Mylopotas Beach is a real hub and a beautiful one at that.

Mylopotas Beach is on the west coast of Ios, just outside the main town- perfect for a convenient beach day. Because of its central location, visitors can easily walk or catch public transport to the beach. Mylopotas Beach is one of the best beaches in Greece if you want a busy, suburban experience.

Where to stay nearby

  • Luxury: Villa Eliot Ios is dreamy, and you get the whole two-bedroom villa. Extra tip: the private stone terrace is a perfect sunset spot.
  • Mid-Range: Pavezzo has a range of studios and suites, some of which include private pools and outdoor terrace areas. It is a tasteful mid-range choice near Mylopotas Beach.
  • Budget: Studio Filareti offers fantastic studios at a low-cost rate. Each unit has all the facilities you need, including a full kitchen.

8. Voidokilia Beach, Messinia – Mainland Greece

Best Beaches in Greece Voidokilia Beach Messinia

If you haven’t seen Voidokilia Beach before, prepare to have your mind blown. The semicircle beach is laid out in the shape of the letter ‘omega’ in the Greek alphabet. But more strikingly, its waters are a mirage of different colors of blue. The bay looks like a little jewel from an aerial view. Voidokilia Beach is magnificent and one of the best beaches on the Greek mainland. 

Voidokilia Beach is situated on mainland Greece in the region of Messenia. It is accessible on a day trip from Athens, especially if you rent a car. Located on the southwest coast of the mainland, it is easily combined with visiting the Ionian islands if you have a week or longer.

Where to stay nearby

Places to stay in Costa Navarino
  • Luxury: The Westin Resort comprises high-quality facilities – from private infinity pools to onsite golf courses. It is a great mid-range resort experience.
  • Mid Range: W Costa Navarino – is love at first sight. The dramatic-looking property has impressive facilities and rooms, some of which even have private saunas.
  • Budget: La Vatura is a rather luxurious budget option near Voidokilia. Each room has a sea-view balcony, and you can enjoy a shared lounge and communal terrace.

9. Elafonissi Beach, Crete

Best Beaches in Greece Elafonissi Beach Crete

Elafonissi Beach is Crete’s famed pink sand beach. If you want a sandy beach with a twist, skip the white sand and golden beaches for pink. Elafonissi is one of the best beaches in Greece for novelty, and ticking it off your bucket list is worth the crowds. The sand famously appears pink in sections thanks to Foraminifera shellfish. When the shellfish die, their shells are ground down and mixed with the white sand to create a pink effect.

Elafonissi Beach is on the far west coast of Crete. It is located directly in front of a smaller island, Elafonisi Island – hence the beach’s name. Some shuttles and day trips run to the beach, but the best way to get there is by car.

Where to stay nearby

Best Places to stay in Crete near the beaches
  • Budget: Virginia Studios has a set of homely little studios at great value for money. You can also enjoy being right in the center of Palaiochora.

10. Plaka Beach, Naxos

Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece Plaka Beach Naxos

Plaka Beach is a significant spot on Naxos. The beach is a short fifteen-minute drive from Chora, the town on the island. At 4km in length, it is spacious enough to cater to a substantial crowd, even in the height of summer. You could wander to one busy end and rent a deck chair and umbrella. On the other end, you could have the beach to yourself apart from a single fishing boat. Plaka Beach is as flexible as it is beautiful, which we like.

The best way to reach Plaka Beach is to drive. We recommend renting a car if you want to explore Naxos a lot. Otherwise, stick to using taxis when needed.

Where to stay nearby

  • Luxury: Villa Elisabeth is a stunning four-bedroom apartment. This is the perfect Plaka Beach property if you want a luxury getaway with a group of friends.
  • Mid-Range: Sea Lilies Suites is a beautiful condo hotel offering condo types. Guests also get access to a communal garden.
  • Budget: Filippa Studios has low-cost units perfect for a self-catered stay near Plaka Beach. Each unit comes with a full kitchen, and there are laundry facilities onsite.

11. Golden Beach, Paros

Beautiful Beaches in Greece Golden Beach Paros

Golden Beach is as stunning as it sounds. This spot gets its name from its ultra-fine sand, with glass elements giving it a sparkle. Golden Beach is 700 meters in length, with plenty of room for visitors and a welcoming feel. The frequent windy conditions make for some exciting watersport days as well.

Golden Beach is on the island of Paros, south of Parikia. If you fancy getting adventurous, it is one of the best beaches in Greece for windsurfing. We also rate it as one of the prettiest beaches in Paros.

Where to stay nearby

  • Luxury: Golden Bay Luxury Villas and Suites: Golden Bay Luxury Villas and Suites looks like a celebrity is about to walk out its doors. The flashy design and luxurious vibe really caught our eye.
  • Budget: Paradise Apartment is a fresh and airy budget apartment. It doesn’t matter if you rent a car either, as you get free parking or a free shuttle service – the best of both worlds.

12. Red Beach, Santorini

Best Beaches in Greece Red Beach Santorini

Red Beach is one of those places that should be on your bucket list. The beach is a distinctive red color thanks to its volcanic sand. It is safe to say that it is one of Greece’s most novel and beautiful beaches. And if you’ve ticked off iconic phenomena like black sand and white sand beaches before, why not visit a red sand beach?

Red Beach is on Santorini near the south end of the island. It is easy to reach if you have a car; otherwise, you should look into tours and shuttle services, as public transport is limited.

Where to stay nearby

Red Beach Santorini Hotels
  • Luxury: Phos The Boutique -Phos The Boutique is a high-end five-star hotel with villas and suites to swoon over. Each features a private heated infinity pool with hydro-massage jets and sun terraces.
  • Mid-Range: White Curves Santorini – White Curves Santorini is a stunning property in Cycladic style. Each unit features a hot tub – a perfect luxury to enjoy Santorini views.

13. Thiorichia Beach, Milos

Best Beaches in Greece Thiorichia Beach Milos

Thirorichia Beach is slightly weird but in a really excellent way. This beach is home to an abandoned mine called Thiorichia, which was once used to harvest sulfur. Thiorichia Beach’s past is a strange draw for those wanting a slightly out-of-the-ordinary beach day. We love this beach’s ‘niche’ draw, and its remote setting makes it pretty peaceful too.

Thiorichia Beach is on the west coast of the island of Milos. It is a fun spot to explore by ATV, although there are restrictions on motorized vehicles in certain sections, so keep an eye out for signs.

Where to stay nearby

  • Luxury: Volcano Luxury Suites Volcano Luxury Suites is a beautiful hotel with an onsite hammam and terrace.
  • Mid-Range: Bay Dream is a cozy apartment with an excellent location. Perfect for those wanting a step up from budget accommodation.
  • Budget: Sarantis Apartments are modestly designed but with spectacular views and exceptional reviews. It should be a strong contender with some of the cheapest rates in the area.

14. Voutoumi Beach, Antipaxos

Best Beaches in Greece Voutoumi Beach Antipaxos

Antipaxos is known for being a little quieter than other Greek islands. Voutoumi Beach is the largest beach on the island. However, it still doesn’t shake that sedate and peaceful feel. Voutoumi Beach is backed by miles and miles of lush, green vegetation. Its waters are a striking light blue. For a tropical island-style beach experience, Voutoumi Beach is a wise choice.

Voutoumi Beach is on the northeast coast of Antipaxos. We recommend hiring a scooter to enjoy Antipaxos’ scenic backroads and gorgeous roadside views, plus you’ll be able to reach the beach easier.

Where to stay nearby

  • Budget: Paxos Fairytale Lovenest 2 is a gorgeous hotel with a selection of stone-walled rooms on offer. While quite steep in price, this is one of the cheapest accommodations in the area.

15. Kolympithra Beach, Tinos

Best Beaches in Greece Kolympithra Beach Tinos

Kolympithra Beach is a brilliant beach to visit on Tinos. The tiny cove is a hotspot for wind, so keep it in mind if you are a surfer. Otherwise, coordinate your visit with a non-breezy day if you want to sunbathe. Kolympithra Beach has a boho vibe, with a little beach bar (complete with windbreakers should you get unlucky). It is a friendly and trendy place to mingle and socialize over a drink or two.

We admire Kolympithra Beach’s windswept, trendy atmosphere. The beach is on Tinos’ north side, and the island is in the Aegean Sea. It is easily accessible from the Greek mainland as a day trip, and Tinos is one of the best lesser-visited Greek islands. Once on the island, you’ll need to hire a scooter or car.

Where to stay nearby

  • Mid-Range: Villa Isabella is a Cycladic-style mid-range property with a range of suites, including a family suite.
  • Budget: Irini Rooms is a laidback guest house. Guests also get access to a shared kitchen – ideal for cutting heating costs.

16. Paleokastritsa Beach, Corfu

Best Beaches in Greece Paleokastritsa Beach Corfu

Paleokastritsa Beach is one of Corfu’s best. The curved beach lies in the shade of mountains cloaked with a thin layer of shrubbery and pine trees. To its right lays the Monastery of Paleokastritsa. A road snakes up this island for fantastic coastal views and a spot of religious history. We love Paleokastritsa Beach’s unusual setting. For those interested in watersports, you can kayak through a network of sea caves just off the beach as well.

Paleokastritsa Beach is on Corfu’s north shore. It is easily one of Greece’s most stunning beaches and relatively easy to access. Just rent a car or catch public transport.

Where to stay nearby

  • Mid-Range: Lakones Deluxe Suites have beautiful sea-view apartments with kitchens and flashy terraces. You also get luxuries like coffee machines.
  • Budget: Korina Studios has a fantastic budget-friendly studio amidst olive and citrus trees. You’ll love the peaceful locale and low prices.

17. Prasonisi Beach, Rhodes

Best Beaches in Greece Prasonisi Beach Rhodes

Prasonisi Beach is nicknamed the kiss of two seas. And as you may have guessed from the melodramatic nickname, this beach is spectacular. Prasonisi Beach is a huge sand bar that stretches out to connect – or almost connect, depending on the tide – Rhodes mainland with a little offshore island. Out of all our sandy beaches, Prasonisi Beach is one of the top sandbar-style choices. The natural beauty is astounding, and Prasonisi Beach is easily one of the prettiest Greek beaches.

Prasonisi Beach is at the southernmost tip of Rhodes. It is possible to navigate public transport to the beach, but we recommend driving or getting a taxi.

Where to stay nearby

  • Mid-Range: Helios Apartments is a classy place to stay for mid-range rates. Guests get access to a patio, garden, and kitchen.
  • Budget: Kiotari Beach Apartments has a great selection of rooms and apartments, some of which have a sea view balcony. It is ideal if you want a budget-friendly self-catered experience.

18. Seychelles Beach, Ikaria

Best Beaches in Greece Seychelles Beach Ikaria

Seychelles Beach is one of the best-undeveloped beaches in Greece. The beach stands at the bottom of cliffs and against mounds of pale rocks. The contrast between the cliffs and the light blue sea is stunning. and the unique cliffside locale makes it one of Greece’s most beautiful beaches. It is considered a ‘hidden’ cove and is can only be reached by intrepid travelers via a tiny footpath or water taxi.

Seychelles Beach is on the island of Ikaria – a gorgeous Greek island situated off Turkey’s coast in the Aegean Islands cluster. If you are hiking, it’s best to drive and park at the car park by the trailhead.

Where to stay nearby

  • Luxury: The Aged Olive Tree is an all-stone and wooden furnished luxurious apartment. It is a classy abode to base yourself on to experience Samos and has beautiful garden views.
  • Mid-Range: Sunset Apartment is a traditional-style apartment hotel. Each apartment has city views from a private terrace and all your classic amenities.
  • Budget: Nikos Studios is a charming little apartment hotel with units that include balconies and kitchenettes. There’s also a car rental service.

19. Porto Katsiki, Lefkada

Best Beaches in Greece Porto Katsiki Lefkada

Porto Katsiki is a beautiful beach if you want a quieter alternative to Navagio Beach. Porto Katsiki has those same towering white cliffs and amazing views of the Ionian Sea. The only difference is that Porto Katsiki doesn’t have a rusted shipwreck and the same amount of crowds. While still busy and famed in its own right, Porto Katsiki is a quieter alternative to Navagio.

The beach is located on Lefkada Island. Lefkada is attached to the mainland by a beautiful overwater highway, meaning you can easily drive across on a day trip without having to worry about ferries or boat trips. To get to Porto Katsiki, you can book a boat excursion and access the beach by the water. Or, if you are brave (and fit), you can tackle the approximately 80-step hike down to the beach from the cliffs above.

Where to stay nearby

  • Luxury: Katouna Suites Luxury Hotel Adults Only has a stellar range of luxury suites, including a penthouse suite with sea views. It is also the only adults-only property in this guide – so keep it noted.
  • Mid-Range: Melikiron Luxury Apartments have that flashy appeal and a deluxe exterior. Guests have a huge outdoor swimming pool to enjoy as well.
  • Budget: Papatsas Center House offers entire apartments for impressively good value. Some even include mountain views or balconies.

20. Possidi Cape, Kassandra

Best Beaches in Greece Possidi Cape Kassandra

Possidi Cape is easily one of the most memorable beaches in this guide, and definitely one of the best beaches in Greece. Scrap beach clubs and overdeveloped beaches; this spot is like something out of a movie scene. The beach is actually a sandbar that just straight out into the sea from the shoreline. This unique beach layout is beautiful from the ground and jaw-dropping from an aerial view.

Possidi Cape is situated on the southwest of Kassandra. The beach is another gem of the Greek mainland and is accessible by taxi, public transport, or car. Given its location in East Greece, it is well-combined with a visit to the Sporades Islands.

Where to stay nearby

  • Luxury: Elenos Villa has four bedrooms and sleeps up to ten guests. If you plan a trip to Possidi Cape with a big group, Elenos Villa is a beautiful luxury option.
  • Budget: George Apartments has two-bedroom units with balconies and free parking. Guests also get a sun terrace for soaking up the rays at home.

21. Mylopotamos Beach, Pelion

Best Beaches in Greece Mylopotamos Beach Pelion

Mylopotamos Beach is one of the most beautiful and unusual beaches in Greece. The sliver of white sand beach juts out from under the cliff face, which is covered in thick vegetation. The beach is entirely surrounded by little caves, and geologically it is fascinating. Mylopotamos Beach wiggled its way into this guide thanks to its novelty (who doesn’t love a beach with caves?) and good looks.

Mylopotamos Beach is located on the mainland near Pelion. Pelion is best known for Mamma Mia, and you can check out more about Mamma Mia’s links to the town here. You could reach Mylopotamos Beach using a mix of public transport and taxis, but it is easier to drive.

Where to stay nearby

  • Luxury: Porfyrousa Traditional Hotel is a classic stone building with warm low lighting and low ceilings. For traditional luxury, it is a great choice.
  • Budget: Emmanouil has an excellent one-bedroom apartment for a modest rate. With air-conditioning and a beautiful terrace, it is a real deal.

22. Falasarna Beach, Crete

Best Beaches in Greece Falasarna Beach Crete

Falasarna Beach is renowned for its fine sand, a striking white-gold color. Falasarna Beach spans out in a big arc, leaving plenty of room to find a quiet spot for your towel. It also has some stellar rock pooling areas. Falasarna Beach is the sort of place where you go to purposefully do a whole lot of nothing.

Falasarna Beach is one of Greece’s best beaches for relaxing and kicking back with a good book. It is located far west of the island and is surrounded by a handful of small coastal towns. We suggest hiring a car if you want to visit.

Where to stay nearby

  • Luxury: Harmony Villa Fancy a whole villa to yourself? Harmony Villa sleeps up to 14 guests and has beautiful mountain views.
  • Mid-Range: On the Water Lodging On the Water Lodging is a stunning one-bedroom apartment right on the beachfront. You can step right out your door and onto Crete.
  • Budget: Falasarna Bay has studios ideal for those on a budget. Guests enjoy a self-catered experience with a kitchenette and a private bathroom.

23. Potami Beach, Samos

Best Beaches in Greece Potami Beach Samos

Potami Beach is backed by beach bars and otherwise undeveloped Grecian beauty. The tiny crescent-shaped beach is full of white pebbles, smooth underfoot. The atmosphere is peaceful, with its coastal shrubbery and rock formations creating an idealistic image of relative remoteness. We love the humble beauty of this spot.

Potami Beach is on the north coast of Samos and is surrounded by waterfalls and scenic hikes nearby. We recommend renting a car and combining a visit to the Potami Waterfalls with the beach. The attractions are just minutes apart, so it makes sense if you are venturing to the north coast anyway.

Where to stay nearby

  • Luxury: Villa of the Old Olive Factory is a luxe one-bedroom property with a fancy terrace with sea views. Guests can also take advantage of the property’s car rental service.
  • Mid-Range: Kalidon Panorama Hotel is a lovely mid-range property with a boutique-style interior. All rooms have balconies with a sea or garden view.
  • Budget: Aegeon Beach Hotel has some superb value double and twin rooms. You can have a comfortable hotel experience and access to an indoor spa pool for a modest price.

To Conclude

Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece sandy beaches

It is hard not to feel inspired after learning about the best beaches in Greece. Greece reigns supreme in Europe over the summer months, and its glorious beaches are its main draw. If you plan your trip carefully, who knows, you might get to visit two beaches or more on this list. We’ll link our guides to the best islands in Greece and the best things to do in Halkidiki here if you’d like more details.

Have a fantastic time in Greece. We hope you find the absolute beach of your dreams – whichever and wherever it is.

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