Cold weather safety tips as arctic blast hits New England
  • Hypothermia and its indicators
  • Frostbite and its symptoms
  • Strolling pets in the cold
  • Space heater protection
  • Wintertime supply package for cars and trucks

An Arctic blast is established to descend on New England this weekend, a person that industry experts are warning could be the region’s coldest in a long time. Individuals are urged to put together for the chilling temperatures and potent winds that can have an affect on home heating, overall health, vacation and energy.

AccuWeather meteorologists say the “severe” one-digit numbers will create “remarkable” serious-feel temperatures “and challenge a number of extensive-standing report-small temperatures.”

Genuine-come to feel temperatures could assortment concerning 30 and 50 under zero through New England on Friday night time, according to AccuWeather, and mountains and ski resorts could be close to 60 below zero.

Here are some matters to know about remaining harmless amid the arctic blast and cold temperatures in standard.

New England will get hit with potentially record-low temperatures the first weekend in February. People are urged to prepare and stay safe.

What is hypothermia and how can I get it?

Hypothermia takes place when your entire body loses warmth more quickly than it can make heat, resulting in a dangerously reduced body temperature, according to the Mayo Clinic. Even though a usual physique temperature is all over 98.6 F, hypothermia takes place when the physique temperature falls below 95 F.