Hogwarts Legacy: Rowland Oakes quest guide & where to find Rowland’s map

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Hogwarts Legacy’s quest revolving all-around the wizard Rowland Oakes has learners preventing goblins, next a cryptic map, and discovering a dungeon. Here’s a breakdown of the entire Rowland Oakes sidequest.

Hogwarts Legacy is stuffed with sidequests for players to comprehensive. While some of these sidequests are somewhat small adventures, others show to be fairly associated with many measures to complete.

The Tale of Rowland Oakes is one of these far more associated sidequests, getting full of combat, dungeon crawling, and open-earth exploration.

As such, some gamers could possibly need to have some enable looking at everything this quest has to give. This guidebook will split down every aspect of Rowland Oakes’ quest, such as locating Rowland’s map and having back again his wand.

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How to start Rowland Oakes’ quest

To start off ‘The Tale of Rowland Oakes,’ gamers should initial comprehensive ‘The Helm of Urtkot’ major story mission. When finished, Adelaide Oakes will supply the quest in the Transfiguration Courtyard.

hogwarts legacy rowlands camp mapAvalanche Computer software

Players can obtain Rowland Oakes’ journal and map at the bandit camp in the photograph previously mentioned.

She will inquire the participant to look for for a camp exactly where her uncle Rowland Oakes was very last found. Vacation to the camp marked on your map and you will experience a camp entire of goblins that ought to be defeated.

After the camp has been cleared, look close to for the two Rowland’s journal and map with Revelio. Gamers will discover the journal on the floor and the map to the left of it resting on a crate.

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hogwarts legacy rowland oakes mapAvalanche Computer software

Rowland’s map is a cryptic trace of the way players have to have to go to uncover the lacking wizard.

Rowland’s map displays a route traveling from the camp down a river to a ruined castle. Next, gamers will have to abide by the map’s clues to uncover exactly where Rowland may be.

Adhering to Rowland’s map

To come across the area where Rowland is staying held, open the map and research west of the bandit camp in which you found the map. Gamers must see a river main up to a bandit castle in the much corner of the North Hogwarts area.

Abide by the river and you ought to appear across the landmarks drawn on the map: a rock formation, a crooked tree, and a ruined tower. Finally, players really should obtain the bandit castle crammed with goblins.

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hogwarts legacy rowland oakes dungeonAvalanche Application

This image exhibits the spot of the bandit castle and Korrow Ruins where Rowland is being held.

Examine the castle, take out the enemies, and open up the a variety of treasure chests scattered during the castle. You must finally uncover the entrance to Korrow Ruins, which you should enter.

The dungeon is pretty straightforward, while it is also loaded with goblins. Gamers can stick to the quest marker on their mini-map to the most affordable floor of the dungeon to discover Rowland locked driving a doorway. He will check with players to research for his lacking wand.

From right here, gamers should return to the higher ground of the dungeon and enter a space with a two-sided staircase and an ornate steel doorway. Locate a huge, silver boiler and light the fire beneath it with either Incendio or Confringo to open up the doorway.

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In this article, gamers will fight the goblin manager Pergit and many other goblins. At the time they are defeated, head into the room on the ideal side of the area. In this article, there is a desk with Rowland’s wand. Accumulate the wand and return it to Rowland to total the quest.

And which is anything players have to have to know about completing The Tale of Rowland Oakes sidequest in Hogwarts Legacy! Those on the lookout for far more strategies and tips can check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides down below:

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