How to Find the Hang Glider – Sons of the Forest Wiki Guide

The Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest is an unbelievably enjoyment and enjoyable way to get about the island if you can obtain a great site with a large more than enough elevation to leap from. You can decide up the Hold Glider and carry it with you, but substantially like carrying logs, it are not able to be saved in your inventory.

So it’s a very good plan to retain keep track of of wherever you depart your Hang Glider following each use (a GPS Locator on a Stick could assist with this in distant areas). You will also have to have it to a higher elevation each time you’d like to use it, so you might get confined use from the Hold Glider, but it will undoubtedly be a enjoyment way to vacation.


If you would like to get a Hang Glider for on your own, this tutorial will inform you every little thing you have to have to know about how to find and use the Cling Glider in Sons of the Forest.

Cling Glider Place: How to Come across the Dangle Glider in Sons of the Forest

To start with, head for the marked spot on the GPS Tracker higher than or the Map down below to access the Cling Glider site discovered on the western facet of the snowy mountain. You can come across the Dangle Glider on a snowy cliff’s edge overlooking the forest, not considerably from 2 Pink Tents.

Idea: Use your GPS and Zoom button to evaluate your posture with the map and make your way there.

You’ll know you are close to the Cling Glider when you see the 2 Purple Tents. Just a tiny further more guiding the Tents, on the cliff’s edge, will be the Hang Glider. Make your way to the marked location in the screenshot previously mentioned.

You may locate the Cling Glider on the snowy cliff’s edge, ready for you to select it up and fly. Decide on up and have the Hang Glider, and just like that, you might be completely ready to journey in style!

All Hang Glider places in Sons of the Forest

Use the map over to see all Cling Glider destinations so you can come across the a single closest to your placement.

How to Use the Dangle Glider in Sons of the Forest


Ahead of you consider off, be confident there is more than enough place all around you so that you would not get dismounted by trees, bushes, or obstacles, as you will fall a couple of feet just before the Hang Glider will start riding the air. Then, with the Dangle Glider in your palms, leap from a really elevated cliff or platform.

You can regulate the Hold Glider by Urgent Ahead to aim the nose down, which will make you get rid of altitude and acquire speed. Urgent Back will aim the nose up, increasing altitude, but getting rid of speed. And Pressing Left or Suitable will switch the Hang Glider.

You can also search all-around with no changing course, giving you a pleasant check out, and assisting you navigate to exactly where you want to go.

If you would like to use your GPS Tracker although gliding, be sure to have geared up it before using off as you won’t be able to deliver it out mid-flight.

When you’re all set to land, just stage the nose of the Hang Glider toward the locale you’d like to land and when you link with the floor you will safely dismount the Hold Glider.

The Dangle Gliders will keep on being where ever you leave them in Single Player, so be certain to keep in mind where by you depart them. A GPS Locator could appear in handy if you depart the Hold Glider somewhere out in the wilds of Sons of the Forest. Pleased gliding!

Suggestion: If you might be feeling bold, you can also create your have Cling Glider towers, comparable to the a person pictured earlier mentioned, but hold in intellect development involves numerous Logs, as nicely as the hazard of slide problems.

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