Los Cabos Diver Injured After Being Hit By Boat

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A diver in Los Cabos was injured after being hit by a boat as he was resurfacing at Los Cabos’ popular Pelicanos beach. The beach is one of the multiple diving spots that are frequented by divers who want to get a close look at the underwater activity near the Los Cabos arch. Since the arch is the most popular landmark in the Cabo region plenty of boat tours make their way to the area on a daily basis. Unfortunately making incidents like this much more common than in perhaps in other parts of Los Cabos. 

Diver jumping into the ocean from a boat

In this particular incident after the boat struck the unfortunate diver, Los Cabos authorities were alerted of the incident. Paramedics arrived aboard a defender boat that is commonly used in medical emergencies that take place in the waters near Los Cabos. Upon arrival medical personnel effectively diagnosed the diver with a significant head injury. He was taken aboard the defender boat where he received treatment as the vessel made its way to shore. Once on land the diver was taken to a private medical facility for further testing and treatment. The current condition of the diver is unknown, but it’s believed his situation is not life threatening.   

Rescue Boat Deployed To The Scene

Warnings About Diving Near The Los Cabos Arch

As previously stated the waters near the Los Cabos arch are naturally some of the busiest in the region. That does not stop tour companies from offering snorkeling and diving tours in the area. Despite the fact that the large number of boats that typically frequent the region could be a hazard for divers

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Tourists on a glass bottom boat in front of the Los Cabos arch in Mexico

There are certain safety measures in place to help protect divers specifically from these types of incidents. For example, there’s a limit to how close boats are able to get to the beach. Whether that be Pelicanos Beach, Lover’s Beach or any of the other beaches in the rock formations near the Los Cabos arch. There’s usually police or members of the Mexican marines on the beach to ensure that boats don’t come closer to the beach than is permitted. Also, the limit is marked by a line of buoys that stretches out along the shore line.

Lover's beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The beach is only accesible by boat and opens to the Pacific on one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other.

In the most recent accident in the area it’s not clear whether the boat was inside the buoys line and therefore illegally close to the beach or whether it was the diver who resurfaced too far out into the ocean. With the amount of boats in the area, and the thin margin for error that is left to boats or divers it’s easy to see how this unfortunate incident took place. 

Divers below a boat in the ocean

Companies Who Offer Diving Tours Need To Follow Set Regulations 

There’s actually a federal code that companies who provide diving tours in Los Cabos must follow. However, most of the regulations within the code cover information about the type of equipment that a service provider must carry, and how the company is required to check the equipment to be able to provide their services. When it comes to how close boats with divers can be to the beach or to other vessels in the area those rules vary depending on the beach or part of the ocean that the diving is taking place. 

Cabo Clear Boat

Cabo Pulmo which is widely considered the best diving spot within the Cabo region does have very strict regulations when it comes to the number of boats that are allowed to be in a set radius. Those types of regulations in and around the Los Cabos arch are at least much less strict. With authorities on the beach left almost powerless to try and control the number of boats that can reach the area in peak hours of the day. 

Divers In Cabo Pulmo Near Los Cabos

Ideally, people who want to go on a diving tour in Los Cabos should read through the regulations to understand the rules that their service provider must follow. As well as what they are entitled to upon buying the service. Certain spots like Cabo Pulmo which do feature stricter guidelines are generally safer for divers.

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