West Coast USA: Complete Travel Guide

States Found In The Western USPacific Coast Highway

According to the U.S. census, the Western US consists of 13 states encompassing the dry US southwest, the temperate rainforests of the northwest, Alaska to the north, and the Hawaiian Island to the west in the Pacific.

California, the largest western state, dominates the largest swath of the West Coast. To the north, Oregon and Washington make up the rest of the western coastline before Alaska to the northwest of Canada.

Beautiful Montana boasts incredible natural beauty as do Idaho and Wyoming just to the south. Utah and Denver are Gateways to the Rockies and the stunning deserts of New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada boast stunning oases and parks for travelers to explore. And out in the Pacific, sit the stunning Hawaiian islands.

The Best Places In The Western US For TravelSierra Nevada Mountains, California

The western United States is filled with stories of adventure and discovery with stunning landscapes such as the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona, the high peaks of Colorado, and the California coast, all provoking wonder in travelers.

The long golden coast of California is always a popular destination for travelers from across the world. Southern San Diego and Los Angeles offer lovely weather and are home to a wonderful climate, beaches, and even Hollywood.

San Francisco, to the north, is home to the Golden Gate Bridge. California is also popular for skiing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

High Mountain Terrain of the WestEast Glacier Montana Reynolds Mountain National Park

The Pacific Northwest is full of lush temperate rainforests, high mountain terrain, high plains, and a stunning coastline that is full of life.

Oregon is home to the beautiful Mount Hood and scenic Portland famous for its lush green parks and vistas of high mountains. Washington is the home to Mount Rainer, the natural beauty of the Olympic Peninsula, the towering Cascades, the city of Seattle, and the life-filled Puget Sound.

Outdoor Adventures in the West
Kenai Lake, Cooper Landing, Alaska

The stunning mountains and forests of Montana and the high mountains of Colorado and Idaho are popular with outdoorsy travelers. Outdoor adventurers also love exploring the scenic desert landscapes of Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Locations like the Grand Canyon and cities like Las Vegas are always popular travel destinations while locations like Sedona have become sought-after.

Alaska is a frozen world to the north, but it does thaw out every summer and is a wondrous place to dive into nature. When it comes to Hawaii, most are already well aware of the stunning beauty and escape it offers to travelers.

West Coast: Climate And GeographySand Harbor Beach, Lake Tahoe

The climate of the West Coast might be the most varied of the US as it covered the largest percentage of the United States territory even if it contains the fewest states.

The Rocky, Sierra Nevada, Cascade, and Olympic mountains can all be found in the western US. The deserts and mountains of the southwest lead to varied climates like Nevada with its nearly endless deserts, but it also contains Lake Tahoe and the lush landscape that surrounds it.

Hawaii enjoys a subtropical climate and Alaska has its northern temperate and polar climates.

The Gold CoastBeach in Santa Monica, California

California enjoys a subtropical climate along its southern coast and a temperate climate with rather constant weather throughout the rest of the state. Here is the average weather recorded at LAX.

  • Spring
    – 55 – 67 °F (April)

  • Summer
    – 64 – 74 °F (July)

  • Fall
    – 60 – 73 °F (October)

  • Winter
    – 50 – 65 °F (Winter)

Pacific North West: Oregon And WashingtonOregon-Coast

Containing Oregon and Washington State, the coastline of the Pacific North West enjoys frequent rainfall and the lush greenery of their temperate rain forests.

Washington and Oregon are also home to high planes that bridge the divide between the Cascades and the Rockies. Here is a look at the average temperatures recorded at Portland International Airport.

  • Spring
    – 44 – 62 °F (April)

  • Summer
    – 57 – 82 °F (July)

  • Fall
    – 47 – 64 °F (October)

  • Winter
    – 36 – 46 °F (January)

The Southwest: Nevada, Arizona, and New MexicoSaguaro National Park, Arizona

The southwest of the United States is most known for its vast deserts with incredible terrain and scenic oases. Yet, there is always much life to be discovered in these biomes.

Here is a look at the average temperatures recorded at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

  • Spring
    – 62 – 86 °F (April)

  • Summer
    – 85 – 106 °F (July)

  • Fall
    – 66 – 89 °F (October)

  • Winter
    – 47 – 67 °F (January)

The Mountain States: Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, And ColoradoDenver & Front Range, Colorado

The Mountain States are home to some of the highest elevations in the US with cities like Denver with an elevation of 5,279 feet.

The climate of this region is famous for the snowfall that draws flocks of skiers to their mountains every year. Here is a look at the average temperatures for Denver International Airport.

  • Spring
    – 36 – 62 °F (April)

  • Summer
    – 61 – 88 °F (July)

  • Fall
    – 38 – 65 °F (October)

  • Winter
    – 21 – 43 °F (January)

AlaskaSawyer Glacier at Tracy Arm Fjord in Alaska Panhandle

Home to long cold winters and short cool summers, Alaska’s climate can be quite harsh for most of the year, but there are a few months each year when Alaska is excellent for visiting.

Here is a look at the average temperatures for Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

  • Spring
    – 31 – 45 °F (April)

  • Summer
    – 54 – 66 °F (July)

  • Fall
    – 31 – 41 °F (October)

  • Winter
    – 14 – 24 °F (January)

HawaiiAerial view of Diamond Head, Honolulu, Hawaii

Thanks to a sub-tropic climate, being passed through by the Tropic of Cancer, Hawaii enjoys consistent weather all year. With the stunning beauty of the coastline of the islands, the aesthetic beauty of their volcanoes, and Oahu, the most popular Island for tourists with its famous Waikiki beach.

Here is a look at the average temperatures from Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.

  • Spring
    – 70 – 82 °F (April)

  • Summer
    – 75 – 87 °F (July)

  • Fall
    – 74 – 86 °F (October)

  • Winter
    – 67 – 80 °F (January)

The Mountains, Forests, and Deserts of the West CoastGrand Canyon National Park, North Rim, Arizona

The western US is home to the nation’s tallest mountains, vastest deserts, and tallest trees. Rocky Mountains divide the west from the rest of the US while the Sierra Nevada, Cascade, and Olympic mountains are closer to the coast.

The redwood trees of California stretch to the sky and the temperate rainforests of the northwest teem with life. The Sonoran Desert in the southwest is full of wondrous locations to discover such as the Chihuahuan and Mojave deserts.

The Grand Canyon is also found in this region and is one of the most sought-after natural wonders found in the US.

Lakes and Waterways of the West Coast
Lake Tahoe granite boulders and waters

The western US is home to powerful rivers like the Colorado River that was able to carve the Grand Canyon. Large beautiful lakes such as Lake Tahoe and the Great Salt Lake.

Puget Sound in Washington State is the lifeblood of Seattle’s seafood industry and is an incredible destination to explore.

The Western US: Top Waterway Attractions

  • Lake Tahoe
    – California, Nevada

  • Great Salt Lake
    – Utah

  • Puget Sound
    – Washington

  • Wallow Lake
    – Oregon

  • Crater Lake
    – Oregon

Throughout the western US, mule deer, white-tailed antelope squirrels, cougars, American badgers, coyotes, hawks, and several species of snakes and lizards are commonly found.

Bald Eagles are found both in Alaska and on the California coast. Destinations like Yellowstone National Park are home to some of the most incredible collections of wildlife in the US.

The waterways of Puget Sound are home to orcas, sunflower sea stars, Dungeness crab, and so much more. The vast green forests of Montana are home to a great variety of animals including the massive grizzly bear as well as moose, bighorn sheep, and elk.

The Sonoran Desert is home to the Gila monster, Anna’s hummingbird, cactus wren, and many other lovely creatures that call the desert home.

Cactus Wren Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, North Kinney Road, Tucson
Photo by Carol Lee on Unsplash

An image of a Cactus Wren  at Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, North Kinney Road, Tucson

Massive marine animals migrate up and down the California coast and Pacific bottlenose dolphins, Hawaiian monk seals, humpback whales, tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks and white-tip reef sharks all live off the shores of Hawaii.

The Western US Is The Most Known ForLas Vegas Strip Traffic

The Western US is known for many things. In many ways, it represents the wildest of the US, far from the old cities of the East Coast. The West is home to towering mountains, vast canyons, endless deserts, incredible forests, and an incredible array of beautiful wildlife.

California is home to popular cities like Los Angeles and San Diego with long stretches of beaches that draw incredibly numerous crowds every year. Their popular nightlife is perhaps only matched by Las Vegas, Nevada. Some of the most popular cities for young travelers are found in the western US.

The coastline of California also includes national parks that protect the incredible habitats just off of the shore.

Sedona, Arizona

Beautiful view of Sedona Town, Arizona

The shores of Lake Tahoe draw crowds when the weather gets warm, but then the slopes draw them during the cold months. The Mountains of Colorado have some of the best skiing in the world.

Cities like Seattle played an important role in American music history while today it is still home to incredible seafood markets and walkable downtown if travelers don’t mind a couple of hills.

Oregon, Denver, and Tucson are also major tourist draws. While cities like Sedona have become spiritual destinations for some travelers.

Five Largest Cities in the Western US

  • Los Angeles
    – 4 Million

  • Phoenix
    – 1.7 Million

  • San Diego
    – 1.5 Million

  • San Jose
    – 1 Million

  • San Francisco
    – 900 Thousand

Famous Food From The West Coastbiscuits and sausage gravy

What makes the food of the West Coast unique from that of other parts of the US is its incredible availability of fresh seafood, influence from southern states and Mexico, as well as a strong Asian influence as many immigrants from Asia arrived first on the West Coast. The warm, predictable weather, of much of the West Coast, also lends itself to food trucks.

Southern food makes much more of an appearance in the cuisine of the western US than in the east. Even as far north as Seattle, biscuits-and-gravy as well as spots like Ezell’s Fried Chicken are quite common.

Mexican influence on the food of the western US is quite prevalent, especially in the southwest. Travelers will be able to enjoy many authentic Mexican dishes, as well as less authentic but still tasty Tex-Mex restaurants.

Pho, Vietnamese Food
Photo by Hong Anh Duong on Unsplash

A delicious photo of Pho

Travelers looking for the best Asian food in the US will find it on the West Coast. Dishes like Pho have long been adopted into West Coast cuisine while many East Coast Americans are only recently being introduced to it, and still struggling to say it right.

Asian restaurants are much more likely to be clearly defined by the nationality of their cuisine and less likely to be generically lumped together like Asian cuisine in other parts of the US.

The Grand CanyonSonaal Bangera

The Grand Canyon is also found in the western US, and it is one of the most awe-inspiring natural locations in the entire US. Carved by the Colorado River, the canyon stretches 277 miles. It is a hiker’s and backpacker’s dream with many adventurers available to be discovered within it.

The Grand Canyon is also home to a lot of preserved Native American culture that can be experienced and appreciated by visitors.

Bucket-List Hikes, The Incredible Terrain of the West Coast
Glacier National Park, Montana

The varied terrain and vast elevation changes make the western US a bucket-list destination for many hikers and backpackers. Travelers will have the choice of a variety of mountain ranges and terrain to conquer.

Travelers can spend days exploring the Sonoran Desert, and many people travel from all over to hike through Montana. The mountains of Utah and Colorado are also found in the dreams of hikers. Hiking the Volcanoes of Hawaii and the frozen peaks of Alaska is quite the adventure too.

Beautiful CoastlineHanauma Bay in Oahu, Hawaii

The coastline of California may be the most well-known and most visited part of the state, and this is all well deserved, it is called the gold coast for a reason. Its white sand beaches are perfect for relaxation.

However, they are not to be outmatched by the beaches of Hawaii that also draw crowds every year. The West Coast is also full of life with a great many protected regions where nature thrives.

  • Things To Do Out West

    Yosemite National Park

    Travelers will find that the western US is full of amazing adventures. Outdoorsy travelers will love exploring the high mountains, deserts, and forests of the western US. Many parks in the area protect their wonderful environments while also welcoming travelers to come and explore nature.

    Travelers looking for a bit more of a city experience will have plenty of fun on a night out in Las Vegas or on a stroll down the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, travelers will find numerous restaurants, venues, shops, and more all catering to them.

    West Coast represents the last frontier of the US with it comes some of the largest and most sustained ecosystems and natural settings in the US.

    A trip to the West Coast can contain exploration through museums detailing events like the Gold Rush, and natural places like Yosemite National Park, and the Grand Canyon. In the western US, travelers will find that the blur between the city and nature is far shorter than in other areas in the US.

    • Nicest Beaches On The West Coast

      Santa Barbara Sunny Beach

      The nicest beach on the West Coast would be an interesting debate as there are many to choose from.

      California is home to the longest coastline and the largest number of beaches. Long Beach might be the most famous, but Laguna Beach, Pfeiffer Beach, La Jolla Beach are among the most beautiful in California. Cannon Beach, Oregon is incredibly aesthetic and Washington’s Long Beach is a popular getaway.

      Travelers venture to Hawaii from all over the world to enjoy their pristine beaches. With many of the resorts offering incredible access to the ocean, Hawaii is always at the top of the list of top beach getaways.

      Even Alaska, though it may be too cold for swimming, is home to an incredible life-filled coastline that many venture to every year to experience the animals that live there.

    • Best Western US Hiking

      Hikers in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

      Hikes of different varieties can be found all over the western US. Travelers looking to explore stunning red rock and desert terrain in search of oases and stunning vistas will love hiking through Arizona.

      Travelers looking to discover incredible wildlife will love adventuring through Yellowstone in Wyoming where they can explore the incredible landscape and spot amazing wildlife that thrive in the park. The Rockies of Colorado offer high-mountain adventures for those daring enough to embark on them.

      Alaska is might be the last true wilderness in the US, and Hawaii offers an incredible subtropical climate to explore.

    • Go Backpacking And Camping Out West

      River in Lyell Canyon to Vogelsang High Sierra Camp in Yosemite National Park, California

      With an abundance of natural parks and stunning landscapes, travelers come from all over to backpack and camp in the western US. The southwest is a go-to spot for hikers looking for multiple-day adventures through the stunning desert terrain.

      Camping in many of the western national parks is also a popular pastime. Many travelers take a page out of President Teddy Roosevelt’s playbook and disappear from the world in the woods of Yellowstone.

      Travelers will find no shortage of backpacking and camping opportunities in the western US.

      • The Grand Canyon

        Mule rides at the Grand Canyon

        The Grand Canyon is one of the most incredible wonders of the natural world with thousands coming to experience it every year. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles with a great deal to offer those looking to backpack through it.

        There are multiple routes that are often used as well as guides that the travelers can work with to best experience the Canyon. This vast wonder of nature could honestly take a lifetime to fully explore, so backpackers will be sure to find a few ways to spend some time in the Grand Canyon.

  • National Parks in the West

    Herd of bison at sunset in Hayden Valley in Yellowstone National Park

    The western US is home to some of the most famous and south after National Parks in the entire United States. Yellowstone National Park is perhaps the most famous park in the US, and it is mostly found in Wyoming but also stretches into parts of Montana and Idaho.

    Yosemite National Park in California is another top park with incredibly famous vistas. California is also home to Redwood National Park with its towering trees reaching hundreds of feet into the air. 

    Denali National Park in Alaska is home to some of the most incredible protected wilderness in the world, and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is an incredible place to witness how life thrives in a volcanic world.

  • Western Wildlife

    bison in yellowstone near a geyser

    The western US is home to a vast array of animals. Mule deer, white-tailed antelope squirrels, cougars, American badgers, coyotes, hawks, and several species of snakes and lizards are commonly found throughout the west.

    Travelers can spot Bald Eagles in both Alaska and California. National Parks such as Yosemite and Yellowstone National Park are popular destinations for travelers looking to spot wildlife that can’t be seen anywhere else. The Puget Sound, next to Seattle, is home to orcas, sunflower sea stars, Dungeness crab, and more.

    Montana is home to some of the largest and most interesting Fauna in the US. Travelers will be able to spot Gila monster, Anna’s hummingbird, cactus wren, and many other lovely creatures in the Sonoran Desert.

    Massive marine animals migrate up and down the California coast and Pacific bottlenose dolphins, Hawaiian monk seals, humpback whales, tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks and white-tip reef sharks all live off the shores of Hawaii.

  • California

    Beach in Santa Monica, California

    Sunny California is often the first state travelers think of when they think of the western US, and why wouldn’t they? The state literally has everything that travelers will love and enjoy.

    With the longest coastline in the US, California boasts some of the most stunning beaches in the US. Southern Californian cities are popular getaways for both Americans and travelers from all over the world.

    To the north, cities like San Francisco boast some of the cuisines in the west with immigrants from all over bringing their cuisine with them as the city’s growing tech industry recruits from across the globe.

    Travelers looking for mountains will find them too, the Sierra Nevada range is full of wonderful destinations to explore. California really is one of the top go-to destinations in the US.

    • Fresno

      Photo by Evan Wise on Unsplash

      Located in central California, Fresno is synonymous with natural beauty. Tucked into the San Joaquin Valley, Fresno is a popular retreat for those looking to explore the local beauty.

      Nearby Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia National Parks are all within driving distance of Fresno too. Fresno isn’t just for hearty outdoor adventurers either, there is plenty in the city that is attractive to all sorts of travelers, even city lovers!

      Inside the city itself, travelers can look forward to exploring its parks and gardens. The city’s Tower District is another popular draw as it is home to many popular local businesses. Artsy travelers will love its downtown with its Queen Anne-style station, cosmopolitan architecture, and many museums.

    • Orange County

      Laguna Beach, Orange County

      Orange County is one of the most iconic names travelers think of when they think about California. Found along the state’s long coastline, Orange County is a popular escape for relaxation.

      Many of the popular activities here are expected, such as enjoying the surf, beach life, and the joy of visiting Disneyland.

      With 40 miles of coastline, Orange County is full of wonderful beaches and popular hangouts that offer travelers the best of the California beach town experience.

      Orange County is also a popular place for travelers to experience well-preserved history and art. Some of the state’s most popular entertainment centers are found here too.

      • Newport Beach

        Newport Beach, California

        Newport Beach, California, couldn’t be a more beautiful stretch of land. The city of Newport Beach Orange County is as lovely and picturesque as they come. This city is a popular holiday destination that offers warm weather and ease of access to those that visit.

        One of the best parts about this city is that it lacks the crowds of other major cities in California. Newport Beach never experiences anything close to what LA or San Diego experience.

        This city may be overlooked by many, but it shouldn’t be. Perhaps, part of its charm is that it’s underrated. However, travelers visiting Newport Beach benefit and will be able to some of the best beach activities and water sports that can be found in California.


      • Anaheim

        Disneyland Park, Anaheim, United States

        This happening city found in Orange County, Southern California, has been attracting travelers from across the globe for years. Anaheim is the home to world-class attractions including Disneyland among many others

        Travelers visiting Anaheim will also be able to enjoy exploring the city’s hopping centers and cool neighborhoods. The city’s incredible weather is another major draw that brings hordes of travelers here each year. More than just the home of Disney, Anaheim boast a great variety of restaurants, hotels, and resorts.

    • Berkeley

      View of Berkeley CA from above

      Not too far from San Francisco in the Bay Area, Berkeley offers travelers an excellent combination of history, art, culture, and cuisine. The city has also famously been the home of many writers, artists, and musicians. This city is also famous for its university, UC Berkeley which draws many every year who want to explore the city’s history and activism during the Civil Rights Era.

      Travelers visiting Berkeley will have an excellent time exploring the city’s numerous cafés and bookstores that make for excellent meet-up points. Berkeley is the perfect Bay Area getaway.

    • Sacramento

      Aerial view of Sacramento, California bridge and city

      Sacramento offers travelers everything they could need from a major city but without the hustle and cost of some of California’s more popular names.

      The Capital of California, Sacramento offers travelers the convenience of its international airport as well as its lovely restaurants and fun neighborhoods. 

      Sacramento has an entertaining nightlife scene as well as a beautiful farmer’s market and wonderful arts for travelers looking for something at a different pace. Sacramento really does have a little bit of something for everyone.

    • Greater Sacramento

      West Sacramento, California

      Sacramento, the capital of California, and its Greater Sacramento area offer travelers much in the way of a stunning metropolis, a history dating back to the Gold Rush, and wonderful weather consisting of mostly sunny days.

      Like much of California, Greater Sacramento is known as an escape into excellent weather. With local attractions along the nearby American and Sacramento Rivers, there is a great deal for travelers to enjoy much of the year.

      With many local attractions bringing travelers to the Sacramento and Greater Sacramento area, there is a lot to enjoy about the area.

      With more than just the popular attractions, there are many hidden gems in this city too. Travelers will have a great time visiting Greater Sacramento.

    • Los Angeles

      The Los Angeles cityscape with palm trees and buildings amid a hazy sunset/sunrise sky

      The second-largest city in the US is a wide sprawling metropolis that has become synonymous with American entertainment and culture.

      Los Angeles, the “City of Angels” is the home and dream location of many looking to enjoy the city’s incredible weather. This city has become world-famous as one of the most iconic American locations, the home of Hollywood, and many of the rich and famous.

      Travelers come from all over to enjoy what Los Angeles has to offer.

      LA is known as the city of dreams and many come to try to make them here. With so many incredible and diverse attractions, popular nightlife, and a busy dining scene, Los Angeles is a must-visit destination for many travelers.

    • Santa Barbara

      Aerial Shot of Santa Barbara And Harbor

      Travelers looking to experience the California dream should look no further than Santa Barbara. This city sits aesthetically along California’s iconic Route 1. 

      The beautiful stretch of coastline that this city encompasses is among the most eye-catching in the state. Every year, travelers come here in droves to enjoy its luxurious accommodations as well as the city’s white sands.

      More than just a place to enjoy resorts and beaches, Santa Barbara is surrounded by wonderful natural places to discover too. This city truly is the gem of the California coast.

    • Carmel-by-the-Sea

      Carmel-by-the-Sea aerial view

      Travelers have so much to look forward to during a trip to Carmel-by-the-Sea. A top weekend getaway, this city has so much for visitors to enjoy.

      Boasting a unique culinary scene and beautiful locations such as its gardens to wander through, travelers might forget about the shopping opportunities here too.

      Carmerl-by-the-Sea has the added benefit of being incredibly walkable with little need for much else than shoes to explore this aesthetic city.

      Travelers will love discovering the stunning homes and luxury resorts of the area. What isn’t to love about the beaches, art galleries, a fantastic wine that this city has to offer?

    • San Diego

      San Diego, CA, USA

      Travelers visiting San Diego can look forward to days and days of endless sunshine, pristine beaches, water that’s perfect for swimming, and even a hip craft beer scene.

      San Diego is famous across the US for having some of the best weather that can be found in the country. Likely because of this, the local community is quite outdoorsy, and the city has numerous outdoor events. 

      Travelers looking to enjoy the cuisine of the city will be treated to some of the best Mexican food in the US as well as delicious local seafood. Travelers will always be able to find an excuse for a getaway to San Diego.

    • Palm Springs

      Saguaro Palm Springs hotel in Palm Springs, California

      The stunning land-locked oasis is an idyllic retreat for those looking to relax in comfort in the Colorado Desert. Temperatures here can average 90 °F (32 °C) to 100 °F (38 °C) for much of the year.

      Palm Springs is full of swimming pools, palm trees, and ways to cool off and enjoy the desert, turning it into a must-visit destination for entertainment, luxury, and access to the surrounding desert.

      The area of Palm Springs actually expands past its city and includes Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Indio, and Coachella.

      This naturally aesthetic valley offers up incredible hiking and biking trails for outdoor adventurers. The area is also home to vibrant nightlife, shopping districts, museum, and theaters the mean that travelers will never be bored in Palm Springs.

    • Santa Cruz

      Sign for Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

      Santa Cruz, California, may not be as glamorous as its neighbors San Francisco or Los Angeles, but it still draws in thousands of visitors each year.

      Located on the Central Coast of California, this destination offers a unique blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and outdoor activities. The city is famous for its stunning beaches, picturesque coastline, and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, which is regarded as the world’s best seaside park. However, there’s much more to Santa Cruz than just sun, sand, and surf. 

      The city boasts a rich history, from the Spanish missions to the counterculture of the 1960s, and it is home to world-renowned attractions such as the Natural Bridges State Beach, and the Seymour Marine Discovery Center.

      Whether one is a first-time visitor or a regular this charming city always has an unforgettable experience to offer. 


  • Washington

    Olympic National Park, Washington

    Washington State is the most northwestern state, until Alaska, in the US. The State is home to towering mountains, high plains, lush temperate rainforests, and waterways teeming with sea life.

    Seattle is the largest city in the state and sits sandwiched between Puget Sound and Lake Washington. With its multiple waterfronts, Seattle enjoys incredible access to the surrounding waterways and is a popular hub for ferrying to other parts of the Pacific Northwest.

    High mountain sky areas, such as Crystal Mountain, draw skiers and borders, while miles of hiking trails through the Olympic and Cascade mountains are a hiker’s dream. Even from the center of Seattle, nature is never too far away in Washington State.

    • Leavenworth

      Colchuck Lake, Leavenworth, WA

      The lovely Bavarian town of Leavenworth is modeled on a German Bavarian village theme. This city found 117 miles east of Seattle is a popular place to visit four seasons out of the year. With incredible terrain and natural places to explore, the city is a popular place to visit for both summer sports and winter sport-loving travelers.

      This city features a stunning backdrop of aesthetic mountains, glacial lakes, and rivers. Leavenworth is also home to several wonderful wineries. Every season of every year, travelers are venturing to Leavenworth from Seattle. Travelers have much to look forward to in this bucket list mountain escape.

    • Olympia

      Olympia Washington

      Seattle’s Capital has a bit of a quieter name than its counterpart, Seattle, the state’s major city and its surrounding area.

      Found to the south of Seattle, Olympia sits as the threshold into the Olympic Peninsula. This important city offers travelers a big city feel similar but unique in its own ways to its counterpart to the north. 

      Olympia boasts the title of one of the best places to live in the US and is the home to just over 58,000 people. With the ease of access to both Puget Sound and much of the Olympic Peninsula, it’s no wonder this city has grown as a tourist destination.

      Olympia is also home to wonderful historic attractions as well as its natural attractions that are a major draw to this lovely city.


    • Seattle

      Seattle Ferris Wheel

      Seattle boasts one of the most iconic skylines of American Cities with its unique attractions such as the Space Needle that make it unique. Also, nothing beats catching the sun setting over the city and how the glow of the city reflects off Puget Sound, or how the mountains appear in the distance. This lovely city enjoys incredible natural surroundings.

      Seattle may be known as the center for coffee culture however is also a wonderful destination to explore other avenues of this city’s culture such as music and dining. With parks, historical sites, and much more to keep travelers occupied, Seattle is quite the city to visit.

    • Vancouver

      Vancouver, WA From Above PDX Airport Departure

      Travelers may first think of the major Canadian city when they hear the name Vancouver, however, there is also a small city in southern Washington right at the state’s border with Oregon and Portland.

      This gem of a city serves as the threshold into Portland for many traveling down from Seattle as well as a bastion for some of the best tourist locations in the entire area.

      Travelers passing through Vancouver will discover that it is much more than just a small town to drive through. Vancouer is full of wonderful attractions that include the Columbia River and Vancouver lake which is popular for hiking fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming. Travelers will love visiting Vancouver, Washington.

    • Snoqualmie

      Snoqualmie Falls, Salish Lodge, Washington

      Travelers looking for the most accessible mountain escape from Seattle should look no further than Snoqualmie. This town rests in the Cascades off of I-90 and serves as the go-to getaway for the residents of Seattle and western Washington.

      During the summer this area becomes popular with those looking to soak up the lovely surrounding nature of the city via hiking trail exploration of its famous waterfall.

      In the winter skiers flock to Snoqualmie to enjoy the winter sports offered by the area. This mountain escape is both accessible and incredibly worth the trip.

    • Bainbridge Island


      Sitting directly west of Seattle, barely detached from the Olympic Peninsula, is Bainbridge Island. Overlooked by both the Cascades and the Olympic Mountains, while surrounded by the waterways of the sound, Bainbridge Island is a nature lovers’ dream while being just a 35-minute ferry from Seattle.

      More than just a destination for nature lovers, the city is also home to beautiful museums, parks, and restaurants. All travelers will find something to appreciate about this city.

      This small-town island getaway is incredibly accessible and is a place that travelers should take advantage of and pay a visit to. Travelers will find no lack of adventure in Bainbridge, Washington.

    • Port Angeles

      Olympic National Park, Mt Angeles Rd, Port Angeles, WA, USA

      Perhaps most famously and frequently referenced in a certain Vampire novel, Port Angeles is a lovely city tucked into the edge of the Olympic Mountains as they descend into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. This city serves as a gateway to the ever-popular Olympic National Park. The park is home to beautiful and unique ecosystems that draw travelers every year looking to explore them.

      With numerous scenic outdoor adventures waiting to be discovered outside the city, travelers might forget that Port Angeles is full of wonder accommodations and great dining options as they are used to entertaining visitors.

      Travelers won’t find a better escape than a trip to Port Angeles and adventure both on land and on water.

  • Nevada

    Gold Butte National Monument, Nevada

    When most travelers think about Nevada, their first thoughts usually jump to Las Vegas and perhaps deserts, as Nevada has quite a bit of desert.

    The Desert landscape that covers much of Nevada is not without incredible destinations to explore. Many of the parks that preserve the wilderness of Nevada are full of life and are incredible destinations to explore. Nevada also shares Lake Tahoe with California and is home to some of the lake’s most stunning coastline.

    Cities like Las Vegas draw thousands every year, and smaller cities like Reno, the biggest little city in the world, are also incredible tourist draws. Nevada is one of the most sought-after destinations in the US.

    • Boulder City

      View of Hoover Dam bypass in Boulder City NV

      Found in the deserts of Southern Nevada, about a 30-minute drive from Las Vegas, Boulder City is a historic town that has much for travelers to discover.  Boulder City is likely most famously known for its dam, the Hoover Dam. The dam provides work to those living in the city and power to much of the surrounding area.

      Travelers visiting this city will enjoy its classic mix of 1930s architecture and an incredible variety of shops and restaurants. With gambling not allowed here, Boulder City enjoys a much slower pace than its neighbor, Las Vegas. This city is full of adventure and a great place to spend a couple of days enjoying the landscape and the town’s relaxing atmosphere.

    • Henderson

      Lake Las Vegas Henderson

      Travelers looking to explore the American southwest, particularly Nevada, will have numerous destinations to choose from. Not quite as busy as Las Vegas, Henderson is the second-largest city in the state, it boasts plenty of ways for travelers to entertain themselves. A popular alternative from Sin City, Travelers will have a great time traveling through with either friends or family.

      Locations such as Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and its own thriving art, culture, leisure, shopping, and food scenes are all easily accessible from Henderson making it the perfect southwestern escape.


    • Reno

      Reno Nevada sign at night

      Travelers looking for the biggest little city in the world have come to the right place. Reno isn’t just a popular destination for travelers looking to dive into the city’s casinos and nightlife. However, Reno is also a great destination for exploring nature. Reno offers access to some incredible natural sights in the surrounding area. One of these sights includes the beautiful Lake Tahoe.

      Travelers, looking to visit Reno, have much they can look forward to. The city is easy to navigate with many fun venues and much to both and outside of it. Travelers will love traveling to Reno.

    • Las Vegas

      Las Vegas Strip Traffic

      Travelers are likely already well aware of what the major draws to Las Vegas are. Sin City is the gambling and vice capital of the United States. It has a deep and fascinating history that led to what it has become.

      With a catchphrase like, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” it is no wonder that travelers venture from all over to let it all out on the streets of Vegas. Vegas also offers up an incredible range of options for travelers staying in the city. They can both look forward to incredible resort-casinos at great value and budget accommodation. There is something for everyone in this incredible city.

    • Carson City

      Carson City

      Nevada is known for cities like the larger-than-life Las Vegas or the smaller Reno, but destinations like Carson City tend to fly under the radar of travelers. However, this city on the western border of the state has one important role; it’s the capital of the state.

      Carson City may be small — it only has a population of about 60,000 people — but it’s a key part of Nevada, with a history that goes back to the silver-rush era. History lovers are enthralled by how much there is to learn here, at sites like the Nevada State Museum, the Nevada State Prison Museum, and the Nevada State Railroad Museum.

      Still, those who prefer to stick to present times can enjoy Carson City’s natural beauty by visiting Carson River Park, which is found on the banks of the eponymous river, or heading to one of the beaches along Lake Tahoe.

    • Alamo

      Autumn in Alamo, Nevada

      Alamo, nestled in the heart of Nevada’s Pahranagat Valley, is a hidden oasis with a rich history dating back to the 19th century. Its strategic location along the historic Pony Express route has contributed to its growth as a quaint town in the American Southwest.

      Today, Alamo is home to just over 1000 residents, and it serves as a gateway to the nearby natural wonders.

      Visitors to Alamo are greeted by picturesque landscapes, including the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge and the Extraterrestrial Highway, both offering unique experiences for outdoor enthusiasts. The town also boasts a rich cultural heritage, evident in its historic buildings.

      This charming town is an ideal destination for those seeking a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. 


  • Arizona

    Grand Canyon sunrise

    Home to the Grand Canyon, incredible red-stone formations, happening cities like Phoenix and Tucson, and spiritual retreats like Sedona. Those that dwell in the northern US have a tendency to flock south to the state during the winter to enjoy the incredible weather and consistent climate that Arizona offers.

    Outdoorsy adventures always find something to do in the state with the miles of trails available to explore and inspiring destinations that will take travelers’ breaths away. A trip to Arizona is one traveler will remember forever. 

    • Tucson

      Desert landscape in Tucson, Arizona

      Tucson, Arizona, offers everything travelers dream about when they dream of visiting Arizona. This lovely city is known as a college town and a winter escape. However, travelers can look forward to much more than that in this incredible city.

      With numerous outdoor venues, Tucson is a must-visit destination for outdoor lovers. This city is easy to stay in and convenient to navigate with many great places in the city for travelers to explore. Travelers who know when best to arrive in Tucson are able to doge the crowds too.

    • Flagstaff

      Cacti, Flagstaff

      Often referred to as the gateway to the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Arizona is that and so much more. Flagstaff truly is the threshold to the best natural sights and locations that can be found in Arizona. Flagstaff enjoys incredible access to Coconino National Forest and incredible natural sights like Walnut Canyon and Oak Creek Canyon. The Grand Canyon is also easy to get to with all the well-known sites that travelers know about.

      Flagstaff is full of many natural wonders. The city itself is amazing to explore with its great accommodations and dining options. Flagstaff truly is a bucket-list location that travelers will want to go back to again and again.

    • Scottsdale

      Urban desert North Scottsdale neighborhood

      Scottsdale, Arizona, is a four-season destination that has something to offer travelers all year. Found to the east of the state’s capital, Phoenix, This city has become a popular escape from the city. Scottsdale is full of a beautiful array of golf courses and spa resorts. With its incredible and regular weather, Scottsdale is a go-to destination for those looking to escape the winter weather. This historic and vibrant city also offers ease of access to some of Arizona’s top attractions, Sedona and The Grand Canyon.

    • Mesa

      Mesa desert scape with dark clouds

      The third-largest city in Arizona, Mesa is found on the outskirts of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. This city isn’t only a popular place to travel to but a popular one to live in. Its 500,000 residents enjoy great weather with more than 300 days of sunshine in a year. With all these sunny days, Mesa draws many winter travelers and those that just don’t want to deal with winter anymore. 

      This city offers travelers great access to Tonto National Forest and Sonoran making it the ultimate desert playground. In the nature surrounding this city, travelers can discover historical sites and beautiful rock formations on the incredible desert landscape. This city is also home to the famous Fresh Foodie Trail, which just about everyone can enjoy!

    • Yuma

      Mountain in Yuma AZ

      Who wouldn’t want to escape to the sunniest city on earth, especially in the midst of a northern winter? Yuma is known as the true Southwest as it serves as the gateway to the Great South West. With a Guinness World Record for having sunshine for more than 90{d8a8d447f05f03c64398acf0d3c5a745c9c41fc784ba89cd5aecd37177dc7d51} of the year, those looking to enjoy outdoor sports are unlikely to find a better destination. This city also offers travelers great access to the Sonoran Desert.

      With Colorado flowing through this city, it creates many recreation opportunities for travelers looking to enjoy water sports such as kayaking, canoeing, tubing, and boating. Inside the city, travelers can look forward to incredible accommodations, historical sites, parks, and various shopping outlets.

    • Lake Havasu City

      London Bridge and surrounding English Village at sunset, Lake Havasu City

      Travelers venture to Arizona every year to enjoy its incredible weather, stunning landscape, great weather, and its beautiful cities. Lake Havasu City is perhaps the most lovely city of them all with its sprawling resort community and its mix of aesthetic waterways and never-ending sunshine. Three hours from Phoenix and two hours from Las Vegas, Lake Havasu City is a go-to escape from both destinations.

      This young city was only just established in 1963 when miners speculating for gold and silver settled it to serve as a military site. However, the city changed course drastically under the influence of industrialist Robert McCulloch who turned the city into a vacation resort destination. With such access to the surrounding nature, its resorts, and endless adventures.

    • Phoenix

      Phoenix, Arizona

      Travelers looking to visit Phoenix in the Valley of the Sun will have access to some of the most sought-after destinations in Arizona and the Southwest of the United States. Not only is this city full of sunshine, but it is also broiling over with culture, stunning mountains, and endless aesthetic deserts. Exploring the landscape that surrounds this city is on many bucket lists. It is also a great way to discover the gorgeous desert animals that live here.

      Phoenix may be a dream vacation for outdoor adventures, but the city is also welcoming to those who simply want to enjoy its weather and downtown. Phoenix has many great accommodations, foodie scene, and interesting things to do at every hour of the day or night.

    • Tempe

      Tempe Arizona at nighttime

      Home to the beautiful Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, is a beautiful city to the east of Phoenix that has the relaxed atmosphere of a college town but with many of the amenities of a tourist destination. With its consistent weather, this city is also a popular escape for those in the northern states.

      With great access to famous natural locations in Arizona and numerous commercial accommodations, Tempe is quite the popular destination for outdoor lovers traveling through Arizona.

  • Hawaii

    Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park, Hawaii

    The Hawaiian Islands sit 2,400 miles off the west coast of the continental US. Comprised of 137 islands in total, covering 6,423 square feet, Hawaii is arguably the most aesthetic location in any part of the US. Once described by Mark Twain as, “the loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean.”

    Hawaii is a draw that attracts far more than Americans. Many come from across the globe to enjoy the pristine shores, stunning volcanoes, and happening metropolitan areas of Hawaii.

    • Honolulu

      Skyline of Honolulu, Diamond Head volcano

      Travelers will discover the capital of Hawaii on Oahu’s southern shore. Honolulu is one of the busiest cities in the states and a popular destination from all over the world. With its international airport, lovely resorts, and incredibly fun downtown, many travelers visiting Hawaii never leave this incredible city.

      Travelers have likely seen images of the city’s famous crescent beach with its palm trees and high-rise hotels. However, there is plenty for travelers to discover among the natural beauty that surrounds this city. Visiting Honolulu is a bucket-list dream for many that should absolutely be made a reality.

  • Idaho

    Iconic Sawtooth Mountain Range in Stanley, Idaho

    Idaho sits quickly in the northwestern US bordered by coastal states like Washington and Oregon and nestled against other mountainous states such as Montana, Wyoming, and Utah, with desert-filled Nevada to Idaho’s south. This state is home to 30 state parks and even a 270-foot sand dune that travelers will be able to sled down. The state is even home to soothing hot springs that travelers can relax in. Idaho may be home to incredible natural sites, but that isn’t all it is. The state is home to numerous museums and galleries and its cities like Boise are growing in popularity. This isn’t just for the university, but also as a place where many young adults choose to live. Idaho, quiet as it may be, is secretly a happening destination and less secretly one of the most wondrous and aesthetic destinations to travel to in the United States of America.

    • Coeur d’Alene

      An Aerial View of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho from over Lake Coeur d'Alene

      Travelers looking for the perfect family getaway for those looking to escape to northern Idaho should check out Coeur d’Alene. This lovely city is popular for its incredible outdoor activities, watersports, and cruises along its waterfront. This city is also famous for its wonderful and aesthetic golf resorts as well as its great hiking and biking trails.

      Inside the city, travelers will discover many wonderful spots inside the city including great cafés, restaurants, and wineries. The city is also home to the Museum of North Idaho. This is perhaps the best family vacation city travelers will find in the Pacific Northwest.


    • Boise

      A view of Boise, Idaho

      Travelers making their way through Idaho will love stopping by the state’s capital, Boise. This lovely city is famous for its surrounding national forests and the aesthetic Boise River that cuts its way through the city creating a beautiful and scenic waterfront. There are many beautiful hiking trails found around the city and stunning sites along the Boise River Greenbelt.

      The city has garnered a new influx of travelers, they have brought growth to the city including a growing number of trendy bars, cafés, and restaurants, especially in the downtown area. Boise also now features a fun nightlife that offers travelers looking to experience the city’s nature a way to enjoy their nights. Travelers will have a great time in this scenic city!

    • Sandpoint

      Sandpoint, ID, USA

      This small city in northern Idaho is home to just over 9000 residents, however, travelers will never find a shortage in what Sandpoint has to offer. This city is home to the lovely natural beauty that surrounds the city. Found at the bottom of the Selkirk and Cabinet Mountains and sharing a border with Lake Pend Oreille, the largest lake in the state, Sandpoint has many wonders for travelers to discover.

      Travelers make their way to this city in droves during the winter and summer. The area is great for both winter and summer sports with local mountains and waterways that are great for exploring in any season. Travelers looking for a beautiful location in northern Idaho will love Sandpoint.

    • Twin Falls

      Distant view of Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho

      Travelers exploring southern Idaho will love taking a stop at this modest city of just 50,000. Twin Falls is home to lovely landscapes and natural wonders that are perfect for outdoor adventures. The town is quite close to the aesthetic Shoshone Falls! Travelers usually make their way to the city to enjoy its enticing beauty and what it offers for outdoor adventure. 

      Travelers looking for outdoor activities have arrived in the correct city with numerous fun-packed adventures nearby for travelers to discover. Some of these activities include rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and base jumping. Twin Falls, Idaho, is a nature lovers’ paradise and an absolute must-visit.

    • Moscow

      Outside Moscow Idaho in October

      A small town in northern Idaho, Moscow has little else than having cold winters in common with its Russian counterpart. This lovely town is the home of the University of Idaho and its aesthetic campus which add a wonderful charm to the city. The campus is home to galleries and gardens that travelers will love exploring. 

      Located in southwestern Idaho, the city enjoys the ease of access to locations in both Oregon and Washington State. This town is home to lovely rolling green hills that are beautiful to explore. In the winter, wintersports are another draw to the region. Moscow is a truly beautiful city that travelers should consider spending some time in.

    • Lewiston

      View of Snake River in Lewiston Idaho taken from Lewiston Hill

      This lovely city is located at the junction of the beautiful Clearwater River and the Snake River. Lewiston isn’t a large city with a population close to 35,000, but it is an excellent starting point for travelers looking to visit Hells Canyon, the deepest river gorge in North America. The area of Hells Canyon is stunning to explore and offers travelers incredible vistas.

      Sitting at the base of Lewis Clark Valley, there are numerous outdoor activities to be found not far from down. Travelers visiting Lewiston often enjoy hiking, mountain biking, fishing boating along the Clearwater and Snake rivers. The city itself takes care of its visitors with great accommodations and wonderful dining.

    • Idaho Falls

      View of Tetons from Idaho Falls, ID

      Idaho Falls is a scenic city found in southeastern Idaho along the Snake River. This lovely city is full of enticing outdoor adventure and is full of wonder centers of art, history, and various dining locations. Travelers will have a wonderful time in this city regardless of whether they are just making a day trip or looking to spend additional time exploring the local sights, they will have a great time in Idaho Falls

      Idaho Falls is also quite close to many of the parks in the region, making it a popular stop for those road-tripping to the parks. The city is just a few hours from Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and Jackson Hole. This city is full of adventure making it the perfect stop for outdoor lovers.

    • Meridian

      Cityscape of Meridian Idaho

      Located between the state’s capital, Boise to the east, and ever popular Nampa, to the west, Travelers might make the mistake of overlooking Idaho’s second-largest city, Meridian. The city sits at the center of the lovely Treasure Valley with many lovely locations to explore. Meridian is one of the fastest-growing city’s in the US, and it will be easy for travelers to see why. This city has a little bit of everything from a fun downtown and collections of shops to its lovely natural surroundings.

      Travelers will love stopping by this up-and-coming city that is home to the biggest waterpark in the Northwest. This city makes for the perfect family vacation.


  • Oregon

    Medford, Crater Lake, Oregon - best time to visit

    Oregon may be most famous for lovely shots of mountainous backdrops behind aesthetic cities and stunning locations like Mount Hood where travelers flock too year-round to enjoy the mountain’s incredible natural beauty. Cities like Portland are well-known across the United States for being truly beautiful cities with huge expanses of green space, from parks and forests to breathtaking mountaintops seen in the distance. 

    Portland also has a popular local craft brewery scene. Each brewery in the city offers something unique, from heady black beers to organic IPAs. Away from Portland and on the other side of those mountains, Oregon is also home to its high plains which were famously used to film numerous westerns. Regardless of what travelers are looking for, they are sure to find it in Oregon.

    • Salem

      Pioneer statue atop Salem, OR capitol building

      Salem offers travelers a much more modest atmosphere than its counterpart, Portland, 46 miles to the north. Travelers can look forward to everything that makes Oregon a popular destination without the crowds. Salem is the home of charming garden spaces, orchards, vineyards, and sprawling mountains. It has been referred to as the “Garden Capital of Oregon” for reasons that become obvious to all who visit.

      The city has a proud cycling culture with many ways for travelers to get around without a car. There are many attractions in this city including is historic downtown, local farms, incredible markets, and the lovely Willamette River. Travelers will love stopping by Salem, Oregon.

    • Redmond

      Mountains and trees Redmond, Oregon

      Travelers will love stopping by this charming Mayberry town found in heart of Oregon. Redmond has a unique vibe that helps it stand out in the Beaver State. Richmond has received the popular nickname, “the hub of Central Oregon,” not only because of its location but because it is the destination for many of the area’s festivals and fairs where it brings together its lovely community.

      One of Redmond’s main draws is its aesthetic landscape that spread inspiringly across the high desert plateau the city was built. Redmond is popular both in the summer and in winter as it offers lovers of both seasons great ways to spend their time. Also, the city itself is quite welcoming to visitors with its relaxing coffee shops, restaurants, and breweries.

    • Bend

      Tumalo Falls - Bend, Oregon

      Bend, Oregon, has become quite the high mountain destination for those looking to escape into Oregon’s Cascade Mountains. Once a logging town during the 1900s, this city has grown into quite an inviting tourist destination with a great variety of outdoor sports such as mountain biking, fishing, hiking, camping, rock climbing, rafting, skiing, golfing, and much more. In the winter, those that love winter outdoor adventure still make the trip.

      Bend offers travelers visiting it in the winter some of the most inspiring how mountain vistas, waterfalls, and waterways. This peaceful and beautiful destination should be on every traveler’s bucket list who wants to get the best out of the mountains of Oregon.

    • Coos Bay

      Coos Bay, Oregon
      Coos Bay is a wondrous destination with no shortage of natural beauty. For starters, the city is found near the Pacific, with the Coos River flowing into the bay on the city’s western edge.
      In fact, Coos Bay is mainly a nature lover’s playground because of its abundance of fun outdoor activities like hiking the numerous trails in the area or boating in the waters near the city. It’s no wonder why this area is known as Oregon’s Adventure Coast. 
      To get the best of this area’s natural beauty, the Cape Arago Highway, which runs along the bay all the way to North Bend, provides tourists with access to several trails in state parks like Cape Arago State Park, Shore Acres State Park, and Sunset Bay State Park. 


  • Utah

    Arches National Park in Utah

    Utah may be landlocked, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have whatever travelers are looking for. With 12,000 years of human history, the surrounding landscape of the area offers an important connection to the past. Utah is also home to some of the best golf courses in the US as well as beaches along the Great Salt Lake. During the winter months, travelers flock from all over to enjoy the many ski slopes that the state has to offer.  Utah has been the home of must-visit locations such as Zion National Park, Arches National Park, and much more. Travelers looking for an adventure are sure to find it in this incredible state.

    • St. George

      Snow Valley State Park in St. George Utah

      The most southern City in Utah, St. George offers travelers a wonderful big city escape with access to some of the region’s most wonderful attractions. This city serves as the threshold to some of the region’s most famous sites including Snow Canyon State Park and Zion National Park. Travelers will find no shortage of outdoor adventure in St. George, Utah.

      Inside the city, travelers will find that St. George is well-equipped to entertain travelers with wonderful dining and accommodations. On days travelers just want to stay in the city, they can check out family-friendly sites including the St George Children’s Museum and St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm.

      But the city also strives to keep its visitors entertained within its limits.

    • Park City

      Main Street, Park City, Utah

      Well known as one of the most popular winter destinations in Utah, Park City is home to many of the state’s most famous ski resorts. This incredible mountain also boasts a great deal of charm with its lovely downtown that is home to great dining, cafés, and ways to relax after a day on the slopes. When the town warms up over the winter, that activity shifts as more and more travelers come to explore its hiking trails, and outdoor venues as well as to spend more time walking along its historic Main Street.

      Regardless of whether travelers want to enjoy Park City’s slopes during the winter or fantastic outdoor adventures in the summer, they will find what they’re looking for in this famous city.

    • Cedar City

      A highway leading to mountains in the distance, Cedar City Utah

      Cedar City, Utah, is anything but a big city, but that doesn’t stop hordes of travelers from flocking here each year. With incredible access to Grand Canyon National Park and Zion National Park, many travelers use Cedar City as their access point, that’s not even mentioning the five other nearby parks in Utah. However, this city is far more than just a pit stop.

      Those passing through Cedar City have much to look forward to. The town is home to many fun festivals that are frequent enough to have earned the city the name, Festival City. Cedar City is a truly wonderful destination for travelers to explore.

    • Ogden

      Snowy Wasatch Mountains as seen from Ogden, Utah

      Ogden may not enjoy the buzz of other Utah ski towns, but it really should as it is truly a gem with access to some of Northern Utah’s best skiing. With proximity to the like-named mountain, Mt. Ogden, and with access to both De Moisy and Nordic Valley, Ogden has incredible slopes that can be enjoyed without the crowds of areas such as Park City. 

      Ogden isn’t just a winter paradise. It is also a popular destination with summer travelers who enjoy hiking and mountain biking through its incredible terrain. Once travelers experience the incredible vistas around this city in summer, they will understand why travelers make their way here every year.

  • New Mexico

    White Sands National Park, New Mexico, USA

    New Mexico is one of the most popular places in the US to visit with more than 35 million visitors per year. New Mexico offers travelers a little bit of everything while in a pleasantly dry climate perfect for all sorts of activities. The landscape of New Mexico is truly stunning with its sweeping desert landscape. Its Cities are vibrant centers with crowded marketplaces and lively tourist districts where travelers can enjoy themselves. Some of the incredible attractions to surround New Mexico include Carlsbad Caverns National Park, with its underground tunnels that stretch for miles, and White Sands National Monument, an incredible 275-mile stretch of white sand dunes. Travelers will have many wonders to discover in New Mexico.


    • Albuquerque

      Albuquerque skyline, New Mexico

      Albuquerque, New Mexico, is famous for more than just being hard to spell. The city is the largest in New Mexico and is known as the world’s hot-air ballooning capital. The city also just so happens to be the birthplace of the breakfast burrito and the home to many gorgeous beaches. It’s no wonder that this city has become both a popular place to live and travel to.

      The area around this 300-year-old city is full of incredibly rich history with a lovely Old Town where centuries-old adobe structures still stand. Travelers can check out the Chaco Culture National Historic Park to learn even more about the city’s past. Albuquerque is a true gem in New Mexico and is a fun-loving destination with nearby ski resorts for the winter and great hiking and biking opportunities in the summer. Travelers will love visiting Albuquerque.


    • Roswell

      Welcome sign with a cloudy backdrop Roswell, New Mexico

      Perhaps most famous for the alleged encounters with extraterrestrials, the city of Roswell, New Mexico, has fully run with its association with aliens. The town is full of life-sized cut-outs of alien craft and green men. There are even cutouts of locals trying to impress them with pie. Roswell isn’t just a popular destination for those who want to learn more about the infamous “Roswell Incident”, it is also simply a great place to have fun. 

      Located off Highway 285, Roswell is plenty family-friendly with loads of alien-inspired activities to entertain both parents and adults. Roswell inspires fun and wonder and travelers from all over. The city has fully embraced the wacky, the weird, and all the wonderful that comes from being a destination for alien adventure.


    • Taos

      Taos Pueblo adobe city
      Taos is a charming town in New Mexico with a rich history that dates as far back as 1000 AD when the natives called this area home. This past remains a huge part of Taos’ identity, thanks to the pueblos — the ancient adobe buildings — that have been standing in the northern part of the town for centuries.

      The Taos Pueblos form a UNESCO World Heritage Site that visitors can visit and explore. Fast-forward to the present day and Taos has cemented itself as a world-class skiing and snowboarding destination.

      It seems odd that a city in New Mexico’s desert would offer such activities but its position right next to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains endows this destination with exciting ski trails at the Taos Ski Valley. 


    • Silver City

      Silver City downtown area
      With a population of just 10,000, Silver City is certainly a small town that is largely unknown as opposed to the state’s more popular destinations like Albuquerque.
      This hidden gem is found close to the Gila National Forest, which is a top tourist attraction in the region because of the historic Gila Cliff Dwellings.
      This is enough reason to visit this southwestern New Mexico town, just to explore these ancient structures. 
      Still, history lovers can delve into the town’s past at Silver City Museum, or check out historic buildings like the Grant County Courthouse. The latter is presently a part of the National Register of Historic Places.


    • Carlsbad

      Downtown Carlsbad, New Mexico

      Carlsbad, found on the banks of the Pecos River in southeastern New Mexico, often goes unnoticed in comparison to its more famous New Mexico counterparts like Santa Fe or Albuquerque.

      Those who venture to this captivating town are rewarded with a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1888. Carlsbad’s past is marked by its significance in the cattle industry and the discovery of rich mineral deposits, including potash and oil.

      Today, this destination is a thriving community with a population of over 30,000, offering a blend of natural wonders, history, and culture. The renowned Carlsbad Caverns National Park, with its awe-inspiring caves and diverse wildlife, is a must-see for nature lovers.

      The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park showcases the unique flora and fauna of the Chihuahuan Desert. This hidden New Mexico gem promises an unforgettable experience for visitors.


    • Alamogordo

      Alamogordo sign at the city limits on Highway 82 in Alamogordo,

      Alamogordo, New Mexico, holds a unique position in American history as the site of the first atomic bomb test in 1945. In fact, the city’s proximity to the Trinity Site and the White Sands Missile Range makes it an intriguing destination for those fascinated by science and history.

      Alamogordo’s charming downtown area showcases its rich heritage, with attractions such as the New Mexico Museum of Space History and the Toy Train Depot.

      Though small, with a population of around 30,000, Alamogordo offers a diverse array of activities for visitors. The city is tucked between the Sacramento Mountains and White Sands National Park, providing ample opportunities for outdoor lovers to explore the breathtaking landscape.

      Whether a visitor is interested in learning about the origins of the atomic age, stargazing at the local observatory, or hiking through the pristine dunes, this New Mexican city is bound to fascinate its tourists.


    • Santa Fe

      Santa Fe, New Mexico

      Santa Fe, the enchanting capital of New Mexico, has long been a hub for art and culture, with its roots dating back to the early 1600s. This historic city lies on the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and it is renowned for its Pueblo-style architecture and vibrant art scene.

      Unlike bustling metropolises such as Los Angeles or New York, Santa Fe maintains a quaint charm with a population of just over 80,000. Visitors are drawn to its rich heritage, exemplified by landmarks like the Palace of the Governors, the New Mexico Museum of Art, and the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.

      Beyond history and art, Santa Fe offers so much more within its borders, from outdoor adventures to culinary delights. 


  • Montana

    This is an aerial panoramic next the Higgins Street Bridge in Missoula, Montana on a beautiful fall day in Western Montana.

    Montana has long been known for having some of the most incredible natural beauty of any US State. The state contains the stunning transition of land from the Rocky Mountains to the Northern Plains. Parts of Yellowstone National Park cross over into Montana with the state being home to some of the most incredible wildlife in the US. Montana bares the name, The Treasure State, and it becomes obvious why to any that travels through it.

    The stunning transition of land from Big Sky Country to the Missouri River and the nearly endless plains stretch from the state across much of the US. Montana is a nature lovers’ dream and thousands flock here every year. 

    • Butte

      Butte, Montana cityscape

      Found in southwestern Montana, Butte once began as a lucrative source of gold, silver, and copper, with the nickname, “Richest Hill on Earth.” Today, Butte is more well known as a stunning escape into the beauty of Montana’s southwestern countryside. Its lovely Victorian buildings are another draw to the city. Its Uptown District has grown into a popular tourist destination as well.

      Travelers often make use of Butte as one of their stops on their way to major parks such as Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park. However, the town is far more than just a stopover with much to offer visiting travelers. Travelers will love their stay in this aesthetic city in southwestern Montana.

    • Helena

      Montana State Capitol, East 6th Avenue, Helena, MT, USA

      Montana is perhaps the most naturally beautiful state in the US, and there is no better place to start exploring it than in Helena, the state’s capital. Helena offers travelers access to incredible Rocky Mountain beauty, and it is home to 75 well-marked trails that are perfect for outdoor adventurers to explore. Travelers come from all over to hike, mountain bike, and backpack through the incredible local wilderness. 

      While in the city itself, travelers can enjoy the stunning architecture that dates back to the gold rush in the late 1800s. Today, many shops and restaurants have filled the town. They are the perfect locations for travelers to relax after a long day of outdoor adventure.


    • Livingston

      Emerald Lake Trail, Livingston, Montana-1

      Travelers may mostly know Livingston as a gateway to nearby Yellowstone National Park, but this little gem found in Montana’s Paradise Valley is good of a destination to breeze past. Travelers visiting Livingston will be able to look forward to the town’s incredible local fishing, hiking, and camping. 

      The town was founded in 1882 and has an interesting history with much old western charm still to be found in the city’s downtown. The city isn’t just a place for outdoor adventure either. Travelers can discover the city’s incredible galleries, museums, shops, and architecture that tells the city’s story.


    • Bozeman

      Mountains in Bozeman

      Nestled in Southern Montana, Bozeman is one of the state’s most popular cities. It has made a name for itself as a destination for lovers of the outdoors thanks to its location in the Rocky Mountains. This makes Bozeman attractive to skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts in winter, as well as mountain biking and hiking lovers in the warmer months. The nearby Gallatin National Forest is the perfect place for those who enjoy spending time in nature.

      This destination is also known as the home of the Museum of the Rockies, which boasts one of the largest collections of dinosaur fossils in the world. Bozeman’s downtown area is another gem in the city, with a plethora of shopping, dining, and entertainment spots that make it a fun place to be.


    • Billings

      Billings, Montana, USA

      Billings, Montana’s largest city, boasts a rich history and a breathtaking natural landscape as it’s found beneath the Rimrocks and is surrounded by several mountain ranges.

      As the gateway to Yellowstone National Park, Billings offers an array of outdoor adventures, from hiking to fishing. Learn about the city’s past at the Western Heritage Center or the Yellowstone County Museum, where visitors can find out about the region’s Native American and pioneer history. Art enthusiasts will appreciate the Yellowstone Art Museum, which showcases contemporary and regional works.

      For wildlife admirers, the nearby ZooMontana provides a chance to encounter different animal species. Foodies can experience the city’s diverse culinary scene at the wide range of dining spots and local breweries.

    • Missoula

      View of Missoula from Mount Sentinel, in Missoula, Montana.

      Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Missoula is a hidden gem in Montana with a rich history that includes stories of the Native Americans and European fur traders. After the Northern Pacific Railroad arrived in 1883, this city became an important transport hub, leading to its growth to its present-day status.

      History buffs can learn about this history at sites like the preserved Fort Missoula, which played a crucial role during the Indian Wars and World War II. Missoula is also home to the University of Montana, a renowned learning institution with students who contribute to Missoula’s vibrant atmosphere.

      Today, this destination is regarded more as a haven for outdoor recreation. Missoula’s breathtaking natural beauty offers opportunities for enjoying outdoor activities, like hiking, fishing, and skiing. 

      The downtown area, with its charming streets and local shops, is appealing to visitors who want to explore and discover the mountain town’s unique character.


    • Jackson

      Highway to Jackson Montana

      Many people are unfamiliar with the small town of Jackson in Montana, perhaps because it shares a name with a more prominent city in Mississippi. Montana’s version of Jackson barely has 40 people who call it home, making it one of the smallest towns in the country. 

      This destination, however, is a hidden gem that’s tucked away in the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, a location that offers an abundance of wildlife like elk, deer, and bears. Those who have visited have nothing but praise for the serenity in this area, an area that’s beloved by outdoor enthusiasts.

      The town boasts the historic Jackson Hot Springs Lodge, which was built in the 1800s. The area is also home to the Big Hole River, which flows right through Jackson and is a popular fly-fishing spot.


    • Great Falls


      Great Falls, a city in north-central Montana, sits at the confluence of the Missouri and Sun Rivers and is surrounded by mountain ranges like the Rocky Mountains and the Little Belt Mountains.

      It goes without saying that this city boasts breathtaking scenery endowed by these natural features. In fact, nature lovers love to visit this area to hike the trails in the city. 

      Other attractions in Great Falls are the C.M. Russel Museum, which pays homage to artist Charles Marion Russell, who died in this city. 

      Visitors can also explore Giant Springs State Park, which boasts one of the largest freshwater springs in the country. Great Falls is also home to a thriving arts scene; visitors can drop by the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art to check out the collection of contemporary and traditional art.


  • Colorado

    Rocky Mountains

    What is there left to say about the incredible high mountain draws that his state has? Colorado is home to some of the highest mountains and the best skiing and boarding that can be found in the US. Countless travelers flock to this state’s mountains every winter.

    However, winter sports are far from the only reason that travelers love this state. During the warmer months of the year, the mountains become popular with hikes and mountain bikers.

    Colorado is also home to must-visit cities such as Denver and Boulder. Destinations such as Rocky Mountain National Park and the smaller but quite accessible Estes National Park. This beautiful state is a bastion for outdoor adventure that travelers won’t want to miss out on.

    • Estes Park

      Fantastic View, Estes Park, CO, USA

      Less than an hour away from Denver, Estes Park isn’t just convenient it is one of the best ways to explore the local nature of the Rocky Mountains. Sitting right next to Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park offers travelers great ways to relax along with fantastic options for accommodations to make a stay here as much about outdoor adventure as it is about luxury.

      This Bastion blends the incredible beauty of the natural world with the comforts of its incredible downtown and numerous locations for guests to stay. Estes park is an adventure that travelers can’t miss out on, and it serves as the perfect gateway to many of the locations in Rock Mountain National Park. This truly is one of the most vacation-worthy mountain towns in Colorado.

    • Crested Butte

      Autumn trees and homes in Crested Butte, Colorado

      Like many of Colorado’s popular destinations, Crested Butte is nestled aesthetically into the state’s stunning mountains. What makes this gem of an outdoor recreational center unique is the vast number of owner hikes, mountain peaks, and immersive natural experiences.  This popular Rocky Mountain vacation spot is popular for winter sports lovers looking to explore the local terrain, during the summer the beauty of this town becomes unmatched.

      Travelers will love this outdoor escape found a four-hour drive from Denver. Travelers can’t miss out on visiting this incredible Rocky Mountain vacation spot.

    • Boulder

      The Flatirons Boulder Colorado

      This lovely alternative to Denver is just an hour north of Colorado’s largest city. Boulder is a must-visit destination for outdoor adventures who can explore the incredible Rocky Mountain destinations that surround this city. Inside the city, travelers will be welcomed by a fun active community full of great cafés, restaurants, breweries, and other entertaining venues.

      Boulder, Colorado, is a great escape from Denver with incredible access to Rock Mountain National Park and other incredible natural wonders. Boulder enjoys a growing community of outdoor lovers and incredibly welcoming travelers.


    • Colorado Springs

      Garden of the Gods at Colorado Springs

      Colorado is full of wondrous destinations for travelers to explore such as Denver and Boulder, however, few names have the ring that Colorado Springs has. The second-largest city in the state, it was originally established as a resort town all the way back in 1871. Unlike many resort towns that eventually lose their luster, Colorado Springs has continued to thrive into its third century. 

      The scenic natural beauty boasted by Colorado Springs is its primary draw with its mild climate with ample sunshine. This climate makes for the ideal location for outdoor adventure. Travelers will love exploring the incredible natural wonder of Colorado Springs. 

    • Vail

      Drone shot of Vail, Colorado

      The name Vail is synonymous with skiing with numerous travelers flocking to Vail’s slopes every year. This winter sports haven has remained at the top of winter sport-loving travelers’ bucket lists for generation after generation.

      However, it wouldn’t be fair to label this town as a single-season destination. When the snow melts, Vail still sits aesthetically in the Rocky Mountains. Travelers visiting during the summer will have many fun outdoor activities to engage in and even thrill seekers can enjoy ziplining down Vail’s slopes.

      Vail has so much to offer travelers. It is both a winter wonderland and a summer paradise in the mountains. Travelers will never grow bored during their visit to Vail, a true must-visit Rocky Mountain dream destination.


    • Telluride

      Mountains in Telluride, Colorado

      Known for being both a go-to ski destination and as a picture-perfect winter destination tucked into Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. The landscape surrounding Telluride is enough to make the trip even without its fantastic ski slopes found close to town. Telluride’s downtown features lovely Victorian architecture and many wonderful shops and restaurants for travelers to discover.

      Travelers are also welcome to visit during the summer. When the snow clears from much of the mountainside, hikes with jaw-dropping vistas open up for travelers to explore. Travelers won’t be able to get enough of Telluride’s natural wonder. Telluride truly is a must-visit destination tucked into the Rocky Mountains.


    • Manitou Springs

      Manitou Springs, Colorado

      Today, this town bears the name, Manitou Springs. It was named after the Great Manitou Spirit that belong to the native tribes of the area. It was said that the spirit flowed through the springs that originated in Pike’s Peak, one of the area’s main attractions. The springs have provided nourishment to local tribes for years. Today, many come to revel in their charm and beauty.

      Travelers venture to Manitou Springs for various reasons. Many come to explore local Pikes Peak, popular with hikers and mountain climbers, and many others come to explore natural attractions like Garden of the Gods, Cave of the Winds, and Red Rock Canyon. Manitou Springs is a beautiful destination that travelers will love exploring.

    • Aspen

      Maroon Bells

      Aspen is perhaps only rivaled by Vail when it comes to name recognition as a top ski destination in Colorado. Found nestled in White River National Forest, Aspen is home to surroundings that could have come from a fantasy novel, especially along its stunning sky slopes. Aspen becomes a wonderland in the winter but is also popular with outdoor adventures during the summer months. 

      Many come for the premier ski resorts of Aspen and some come to explore the world-class hiking and mountain biking the area is full of. The town of Aspen itself is a lovely and cozy escape where travelers can rest and recover from their outdoor adventures. With upscale shopping and luxurious accommodations, everyone can find a way to enjoy their stay in this wondrous city.


    • Steamboat Springs

      Steamboat Springs ski area, Colorado

      Colorado’s cities are famous for being enthralling ski destinations and Steamboat Springs is no different. This little city is found in the northwestern side of the state, tucked within the Yampa Valley. Its claim to fame is the powdery snow that got the moniker champagne powder because of how fluffy it is.

      This snow transforms the city into a winter wonderland and the slopes become the playground of skiing lovers. The best ski trails are found in the Steamboat ski resort, which boasts six peaks. 

      When the snow thaws in warmer months, Steamboat’s skiing trails become excellent hiking routes for those who want to explore the mountains.

      Steamboat Springs’ identity lies in the hot springs in the heart of the city. There are pools that take advantage of the therapeutic waters of these springs, in which locals and visitors can’t resist soaking or swimming.

    • Breckenridge

      Breckenridge, Colorado

      Breckenridge is about 80 miles from Denver, and it’s seated at the foot of the Tenmile Range of the Rocky Mountains. Thanks to its location, this little city is a sought-after skiing destination that welcomes droves of visitors in winter.

      However, its former life is one of a mining town during the Gold Rush era. In fact, it owes its growth to the gold deposits that earned miners a pretty penny.

      Presently, this town boasts some of the best ski trails via the Breckenridge Ski Resort. Summer and fall convert the town into a warm and colorful utopia and the ski trails become hiking, biking, and horseback riding sites. 


    • Gunnison

      Needle Rock, Gunnison CO

      Gunnison is a small town that’s hidden away close to the middle of Colorado. Although it’s small and easy to miss on the map, this mountain town is worth the attention of visitors. Gunnison bombards the senses with its natural beauty, one wouldn’t know where to look first.

      On one side, the peaks of the Rocky Mountains beckon, offering no shortage of skiing trails for those who enjoy this thrilling activity. The landscape is peppered with rivers (the Gunnison River, for instance), lakes, and even a canyon — Black Canyon. 

      Certainly, this town, which started its life as a mining center, is a paradise for nature lovers and an unforgettable destination in spring, summer, fall, or winter.


    • Denver

      Denver, Colorado

      Denver has come a long way since its gold-rush days in the late 1800s; it’s now Colorado’s largest city and the state’s capital.

      Visitors can delve into this history at sites like the Molly Brown House Museum or visit the Colorado State Capitol. Today, this bustling metropolis is home to a vibrant arts scene that’s evident at sites like the Denver Art Museum or the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. 

      One cannot mention a city in Colorado without talking about the scenery. Denver boasts a variety of parks within its boundaries, as well as some close by, like the spectacular Rocky Mountain National Park. Plus, this region is renowned for its ski resorts, and one need not drive too far from the city to access some of these.

    • Durango

      Durango, Colorado

      Durango started its life in around 1880 as a mining town, a far cry from its present-day status as a beloved tourist destination in Colorado. This little city barely has 20,000 people who call it home, but it receives thousands of visitors from all over the world, drawn by the area’s natural beauty and the city’s small-town appeal. 

      Those who want to find out about Durango’s past can take the 5-hour train ride on the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. This ride reveals the breathtaking scenery of the area as well as insights into the railroad’s history.

      This region is regarded as a haven for nature lovers and activities like hiking, mountain biking, and skiing are among the most popular. The nearby San Juan National Forest is the perfect place to enjoy these activities.


  • Wyoming

    Sunny day in Medicine Bow, Wyoming

    Containing 96{d8a8d447f05f03c64398acf0d3c5a745c9c41fc784ba89cd5aecd37177dc7d51} of Yellowstone National Park taking up 3,500 square miles of the state, and nearby linked Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming is an outdoor paradise that draws numerous tourists every year. Even outside the state’s famous parks, many destinations are popular for hikers, mountain bikers, anglers, backpackers, and campers. Devil’s Tower is another famous site that is sacred to the natives of Wyoming.

    The state’s major cities of Cheyenne, Jackson, and Casper are incredibly welcoming to travelers passing through. Wyoming is the state for outdoor adventure with some of the most stunning wilderness found in the US. Outdoor adventures will love traveling through this wondrous state! 

    • Casper

      WY-220, Casper, WY, USA

      Once a significant crossroads for pilgrims, missionaries, and gold seekers passing through Oregon, Casper has represented an escape into the wild west spirit that is still found there today. Once the destination for Mormon pilgrims, Casper became a military post for the US army.

      Today, Casper is home to almost 60,000 and has become quite the destination for travelers looking to enjoy both its landscape and western fun.

      Travelers visiting Casper will be able to dive into the fascinating history of the city, its culture, its numerous outdoor activities, and everything else that has made this city a must-visit destination.

      Travelers can look forward to discovering delicious restaurants, staying at great accommodations, and visiting local attractions that include Yellowstone National Park, Bighorn National Forest, and Devil’s Tower.

    • Laramie

      Downtown Laramie from the intersection of 1st Street Grand Avenue
      Wyoming’s third-largest city, Laramie, sits at an elevation of close to 7,200 feet, tucked within the Rocky Mountains. The beauty of the landscape in this area cannot be disputed, with spectacular views of the mountain peaks and endless opportunities for outdoor activities. 

      The University of Wyoming calls this city home, and the students give this small town a hip and vibrant personality. Laramie’s other personality is one of an old western town.
      This city’s historical downtown retains buildings from its Wild West era, and first-timers are always fascinated by how this history is preserved in the architecture. 

      Those visiting have no shortage of things to see and do, from exploring the mountains to delving into the city’s history and even touring the University of Wyoming’s campus.