Wo Long Fallen Dynasty beginner’s guide, tips and tricks

Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty can definitely check your persistence and for a newbie the 1st handful of hours in sport could very easily become too much to handle. Thankfully, there are loads of tiny points that you find out on the way that sooner or later make your journey less complicated.

If Wo Prolonged: Fallen Dynasty is your very first encounter with a Soulslike then all of the compact factors that establish up to building your battles much easier or tougher are uncomplicated to overlook. Specially when the very first manager you satisfy is unbelievably daunting.

Even so, anxiety not, as we have battled through and put together this Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty beginner’s tutorial filled with suggestions and tips to make your expertise that considerably a lot easier.

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Pay a visit to the instruction grounds

As before long as you start off the story and locate your first Struggle Flag, you can use the ‘Travel’ selection to open up the earth map. On this map is an location called the ‘Training Grounds’.

Browsing this place will give you a short, but helpful, rundown of how battles function in Wo Extended: Fallen Dynasty. From conjuring Wizard Spells to making use of your Divine Beast, as well as blocking procedures that are essential for beating the initial boss, the tutorials get ready you for the relaxation of the video game.

Granted, in the first mission most of these fight methods aren’t readily available, you will nonetheless be nicely geared up for the worries that are ahead.

wo long fallen dynasty wizardy tutorial in training grounds

Target on amassing Genuine Qi

This preferably really should be your priority from the instant you established foot into the principal story. Creating your character’s toughness is the greatest use of your time, particularly in the 1st mission. The enemies you deal with will obstacle you, but defeating them will give you Qi.

You can get Qi as a result of defeating enemies. We discovered a good trick for this, we primarily farmed the Qi when we found an space with a Battle Flag and straightforward enemies. Operate about between the flags, defeating enemies along the way. Every time you accumulate a chunk of Qi, go and relaxation at the flag to respawn the enemies, then start once more.

wo long fallen dynasty battle flag and character mission one

Check Morale

Morale is one particular of all those factors that can go unnoticed if you skip through the tutorial. We did this, and promptly regretted it as it really is a key aspect of currently being equipped to combat difficult enemies. The better your Morale is, the less damage you will get from enemies and the extra struggle things become offered to you.

Morale can be farmed in the exact way that Qi is, nevertheless you must try out to keep away from becoming struck by an enemy. When you are strike by an enemy, your Morale will be diminished. Also, when fighting significant boss enemies, dropping to them will appreciably decrease your Morale.

The highest stage your Morale can get to is 25, which is far more than sufficient to be equipped to fight anybody who dares to cross your route.

wo long fallen dynasty character moving through dried battlefield morale circled
Our Morale here was in the bigger conclusion of nine.

Your enemies have Morale too, and being aware of the degree of theirs will support you get ready you for the fight. This is a lot more beneficial for big bosses, but you can do this with scaled-down enemies far too.

To track the Morale of an enemy, glance higher than their heads when you get shut to them. The colors will reveal a person of 3 items:

  • Crimson – Their Morale degree is substantially better than yours.
  • Yellow – Their Morale is higher than yours, but not by a lot.
  • Inexperienced – Their Morale is decrease than or equivalent to yours.

Enemies in the purple or yellow class can be tougher to defeat, but they do give considerably greater rewards. That being claimed, if you might be looking to farm Morale or Qi promptly, then adhere to the green ones for now.

Deflect, Dodge and Counter

Heading into any struggle with your weapon drawn and swinging close to aimlessly will finally get you killed. Dodging enemy attacks and countering them are important factors to do to be equipped to get a struggle. You can also deflect attacks, nevertheless we advise carrying out this for lesser enemies only.

Most enemy assaults can be dodged too, but this does use up your spirit degree so use it sensibly. For smaller sized enemies, dodging a single of their assaults really should open up a little window for you to take them down right before they observe you.

wo long fallen dynasty zhang liang boss cinematic
Beating Zhang Liang calls for plenty of countering and dodging.

For more substantial bosses, and some enemies, dodging is excellent but countering is the ideal point to do. Typical attacks can be countered, but the ones you must view out for are the unguardable attacks.

Ahead of unleashing a person of these attacks, your enemy will briefly glow red. If you counter this attack at the ideal time, you will make a strong counter attack that will noticeably harm your enemy.

Pay consideration to your spirit degree

Several steps can consume your spirit. If your spirit stage receives far too small, you will be exhausted and particularly vulnerable for a limited time period of time. In large boss fights, it is attainable to be killed in these handful of sections, so monitoring your level is vital.

Your spirit level is shown by the smaller bar beneath your HP in the center of the screen.

wo long fallen dynasty character overlooking burnt village with spirit gauge highlighted.
Our spirit amount was empty at this level.

The following steps all take in diverse degrees of spirit, so keep an eye on your level after doing every a person:

  • Wizardry Spells
  • Dodging
  • Deflecting just after an motion assault
  • Countering
  • Spirit Attacks
  • Fatal Strikes
  • Martial Arts

Even so, there are also a great deal of strategies to increase your spirit level:

  • Wizardry Spells
  • Standard Attacks
  • Deflecting (on its own)
  • Replenishes above time

As lots of actions cross in excess of among supplying spirit and consuming spirit, the most effective factor you can do is continually keep an eye on the gauge in the middle of the display screen.

Use stealth assaults

Wherever you can, use stealth assaults as they can usually consider down a primary enemy in just one blow. This helps you to keep away from becoming engaged in a fight that could harm your Morale stage and it is really a rapid way of having down enemies to farm Qi.

The easiest way to correctly pull off a stealth attack is from previously mentioned. Slowly but surely walk to the edge of the higher place to appear down on your goal. As extensive as they don’t location you, leap and press the proper control (you can verify this in configurations) to accomplish a stealth takedown.

The following way to perform just one is to bit by bit stroll up driving an enemy without the need of getting detected. All over again, if you’re not caught, push the acceptable command to conduct the takedown.

wo long fallen dynasty stealth attack action shot

Build and use Wizardry Spells

Around midway by the 1st spot you can obtain your Wizardry Spells and master new kinds by resting at a Struggle Flag. These will expense you details, but you acquire these as you amount up your character.

wo long fallen dynasty learn spells menu

You can only carry four spells at a time, so if 1 established isn’t working for you in a fight, then head again to a Fight Flag and change some out to see if they make a big difference.

Wizardry Spells do take in spirit, but they offer you quite a few benefits and assaults that are very practical. This is a couple of examples of benefits from these spells:

  • Decreased spirit consumption.
  • A lot quicker movement for a period of time.
  • Fire assaults.
  • Improved defense for a period of time.
  • Poison assaults.
  • Elemental traps.

There are several Wizardry Spells to collect, and finding your ideal established will just take a bit of experimentation.

Keep track of your machines and weapon bodyweight

As you go from space to region slicing down your enemies, you will appear across new items of products and weaponry to collect. We suggest choosing up as considerably as you can in the beginning, since you can offer what you you should not want afterwards on.

Just about every piece of products has distinctive stats, which you can check out to make certain you might be building your character to be potent in the locations you want them to be. However, some things also have a ‘Set Bonus’ that gives you an extra perk or two if you’re carrying the entire established of that merchandise.

Also, your gear and weaponry protects you but it can hinder you also. Unique items have diverse weights, and the heavier the item is the extra it can gradual you down in fight. If you want to don or use a heavier product, you will want to imagine about transforming your struggle technique to match the pieces you presently have outfitted.

You can look at an item’s excess weight by deciding upon it from the devices menu:

wo long fallen dynasty equipment menu item weight circled
Our gear excess weight was however rather gentle here.

Summon your Divine Beast

When you’ve got attained a particular issue early in the tale, you can unlock a potent shift that will instantly transform the tide of any battle. The Divine Beast is an motion that is effectively worthy of ready for, but will not neglect to use it!

In the midst of rapidly-paced battles where by you might be battling to remain alive, revive your ally, and counter various attacks it can be extremely simple to forget some of the instruments at your disposal. If you want a little bit of time to get back some health, or you just require to get away to a harmless distance, you can summon your Divine Beast as soon as their marker is charged.

Your Divine Beast gauge can be viewed in the diamond formation on the proper of your screen. We’ve marked exactly the place on the picture under:

wo long fallen dynasty divine beast gauge circled
When it is really ready to use, it will switch white.

Pay attention to your allies

Allies that you meet by way of the tale and be part of you in struggle have a whole lot to say at times, but they are truly worth listening to.

Frequently, even when it looks like they are talking about almost nothing, an ally will truly give you a idea or a hint for how to get previous a specific impediment. Also, if you come to an enemy or place that you are not powerful ample to struggle then your ally can make a little remark to permit you know this.

wo long fallen dynasty character and zhao yun together

With all this knowledge, it really is time to immerse by yourself in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty!